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Got You

(Dedicated to universal bond and friendship – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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A passenger was running to catch the train -

A fellow passenger gave a hand with a smile,

‘I got you my friend’!


People were starving from drought and famine -

Fellow citizens arrived with food and water in time,

‘We got you to save precious life divine’!


An electron was scared being shoot out of homey neutron -

Proton attracted it back home for new union!


Moon was wobbling separating from Earth -

Earth gave a hand recovering from sudden shock,

 ‘I still got you in orbit locked’!


Earth was wondering through space homeless -

Sun gave a hand making it new friendly planet,

‘I got you in right place to create limitless’!


Sun was traversing through galaxies frustrated -

Milky Way made it family much needed,

‘I got you to emit light for ages’!


Galaxies where rushing in chaotic motion -

Our universe extended hand securing destination,

 ‘I got you for endless evolution’!


Universes were running around feeling lonely aimless

Until they became assured hearing, ‘We got each other in a mesh’!


People were scared from death and abuse from war -

Peace mission arrived bringing hope in the middle of despair!


A dying soul was afraid of leaving the body so dear -

Until it heard a loving whisper, ‘I got you, my dear’!


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