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(A hypothetical Poem – dedicated to Mythless science – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Imagine Earth without moon in orbital path!

Nights are always dark throughout months and years

Sky above displaying billions of bright stars

No new moon or full moon days in calendar

No eclipses, solar or lunar, to cheer or fear!


No harvest moon to celebrate fruits of labour!

Without months World runs by solar year

Moonless Earth is spherical with mass and gravity higher -

Entire landmass is clustered together!


Axis of rotation is not tilted always vertical

Poles and magnetic poles are not apart

Ocean is just one body of water -

Earth’s faults nonexistent, so is ring of fire!


Seasons change lot more subtler

Mountains and volcanoes very rare

Asteroid Belt not a threat for Earth ever

Solar system one more Planet richer

Sentient beings enjoying mostly heavenly tropical weather -

Together with Dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx and Neanderthals! 


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