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(Dedicated to Universal Consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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When we try to kindle Sugandhi

A small flame appears burning

Transmitted from the source igniting

Exciting electromagnetic modes for propagating!

The new flame starts as blue

Then grows yellow around circumference

Before turning blue again when disappearing

Shooting smoky patterns in the air as vertical lines -

Leading to spread of arbitrary rhymes?


When two flames come close together -

They seem to be repelling each other

Before merging -

Yielding a flame bigger and brighter!


When two electrical conductors come close together

Carrying opposite charges from battery or generator

Flashes of light appear in the air gap separator

Closing the circuit breaking barriers!


Whenever an electric switch is turned on

The sparks announce presence in amplifying speakers nearby!

Whenever an electrical plug is engaging or unplugging -

We see flow of light embracing or disengaging

Proving excitation is always illuminating!


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Electromagnetic modes or heat wave modes – Modes are always there its all about exciting them whether in heart beats, birth of a child, germination of a seed or application of waveguides – even implanting truth in otherwise indifferent people’s mind. Kolki