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(Dedicated to universal consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


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The name India reminds people of ancient times

Early morning chanting in holy rivers and shrines

Meditating saints uttering mantra in mountain caves

Monkeys, elephants, cows roaming free without fence

Wild bamboo fluty tunes charming dangerous snakes!


Mantra became part of rituals losing original significance

Imbibing repeated invasions and related segregations!

Caste system made Priesthood well guarded profession

Burying ancient knowledge of interstellar conversation!


Mantras are syntax for universal communication

Invented by Sages realizing nature of cosmic vibrations!

They only become effective with perfect pronunciation

Synchronizing tongue, vocal chord and stomach air chamber

Converts sound waves to electromagnetic for transfer

While meditation prepare one as conscious receiver!


Developed as hymns by indigenous Brahmin scientists

Documented by Aryans using script Sanskrit

Precisely compiled as Veda a universal epic

Attuned with energy - magnetic, electric, heat and delight

Hymns were sung for orderly life with spiritual spice!


Resembling science of packet switching network -

Mantras start with a header ending in trailer!

Sounding ‘Om’, ‘Namah’, ‘Swaha’, ‘Swadha’, ‘Namahstute’

Guiding message embedded for destination intended -

As stored energy of Mantra propagates

Exciting universal modes using bandwidth as needed!


Right mantras when pronounced prolonged in chorus

Can cause enough disturbances in surrounding atmosphere -

Initiating modulation ending in storm, clouds, even rain -

Relieving sufferings from drought illness and pain!


Mantras themselves can render local communication

But require ‘Yagna- the fire’ for long distant transmission

Performed at the base of a pyramidal horn

Modulated by the heat of burning offerings in ‘Havan’ –

Sonic energy rides on optical career to celestial destinations!


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