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(Dedicated to a scholarly world where researches focus on the causes before chasing effects

be it scientific, economic, or general well being of the society, for peaceful possessions and truthful vocations

Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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{Published in IEEE Microwave Magazine, April 2006 - Electromagnetics!


God came on Earth as Maxwell

To give us the universal equations!

Only to realize -

Humans are not ready for assimilation!


Heaviside, the only son of God,

Brought the message organized and simplified!

Scientists cheered being enlightened

While military realized the message of dominance!


Engineers promised quick applications

With assumptions, approximations, for implementation!

Mathematics evolved with new equations -

Burying truth farther under complications!


Computers brought the hope of resolution -

But scientists needed super computation!

In a race to compute gamma, s-matrices

Just like detecting new bacteria, viruses!


Computers, exhausted inverting huge matrices

Bestow upon us results and inferences!

Blending assumptions, approximations and truncations,

Reveal new graphs, visions and animations!


World claps as scientists graduate

And some win Nobel Prize for achievements!

Volumes of transactions and proceedings increase

Displaying new products, and claims in conferences!


Scientists retire, engineers end career, with morale high

Look at the medals, publications, and enjoy the blue sky

Yet, go to graves with a big sigh -

Why, how, and why!


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