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(Dedicated to a true scientific world Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Statistics is not science like physics, chemistry, and mathematics

Thus indulges science and scientists into gossips

Based on uncertainty and Probability

Often works well on inherent Predictability!


But humans are different with individuality

Every brain is fertile ground for thoughts evolutionary!

Statistics ignores sufferings underneath numerics

Let politicians justify status-quo politics

Suppressing humane issues buried in poverty!


It may also be contributing to indirect censorship

Making selective polling a cover for hypocritic elitists

Letting media manipulate opinions and voting

Encouraging people in power to doctor data for credibility!

It never reflects true visibility

Humanizing co-lateral damages for virtual monopoly!


Finally, statistics is not democratic!

Simple universal census is most scientific and effective!

World would be more realistic peace loving

Without statistics, statisticians, pollsters and analysts!

Science would stick to truth as always authentic!



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