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[Friends, we all have to be busy to make a living. But when I got the opportunity after being a dedicated hard working law abiding good citizen to earn early freedom, I tried to be a listener of the universal messages buried under civilized noise staying alone and doing everything alone except growing my food. I wanted to share some of my general thoughts and realization which you may find appropriate at some point in life.  Whatever we do to make a living in the industrial world we must always strive to search for truth, the main goal of our worldly adventure! About Kolki     Why Kolki?]                 Photo: Deepak

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When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens need take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating human rights.


Only love, mercy and mutual understanding can resolve problems we inherited created by many generations.


Once for all we must ask ourselves what made human the only animal who enjoys killing and destructing their own kind as well!


We all come to this world as listener, become reader, viewer, spectator, speaker as we grow up; but the wise always keeps on listening to be a knower!


One who claims awakened still sleeping, awakened one always feels awakening.


Truth is the basis of peaceful coexistence, without it efforts of achieving peace end in mindless gossips!


Imposed religion leads to religious divisions, conflicts, and discriminations for domination; evolved religion is all about cultural celebrations and spiritual liberation out of all form of dominations.


Conflicts among humans on Earth natural, meant to be resolved humanely; military interventions only make conflicts cancerous!


A universal heart feels the pains of all sufferings and joy of all humane celebrations!


Anyone who is afraid of truth is a living dead who can be manipulated to harm own kind out of fear for bread!


Avoiding truth only widens the path of self destruction!


A conscious mind never gets angry but many enslaved ones see anger in truth!


What is good about liking peace if one doesn’t act to maintain it!


Many people read what they like to hear! Wise read between lines to find what they don’t hear!


Wise speaks their mind not what other wants to hear!


Truth automatically generates faith; People lose faith on a society or system or religion whose foundation is on lies.


How modern day humans including scientists and scholarly can realize absolute truth when they neglect baptized day to day lies and live among them compromising self?


Entire sentient being is our family; enslaving commerce, religion, economy, education, and military compel people to live and grow against the natural consciousness of oneness.


Life itself as is positive, the only thing which makes it negative is excessive possession which we don’t need but we burden ourselves with.


When religion equates to power the violent ones spread faster!


Religion is science, becomes power and gossip when void of science!


When learned acts ignorant or indifferent world becomes dangerous place.


Learned doesn’t read news for research, their research become news!


Often dangers don’t come to us they sit right next to us waiting for ignorance and/or mistakes!


Loving God leads to loving self; Fear for God leads to fear for self; Faith in God leads to faith in self; why loving God and having faith in God can bring out the best of human brain!


Religions on Earth may compete to claim whose God is Supreme, but labeling God as Supreme only separates God from everything!


Imagine if God as in Bible had only one son and human killed him for blood covenant being free to do anything without guilt including crusades against own kind. 


Hellenistic Victory re-wrote History wherever they conquered annihilating locals, saving female virgins for reproduction, and looting gold and silver from the treasury as well as imposing their religion on the slaves under domination throughout Tyre (now Syria), Canaan (now Palestine occupied by Israel), Egypt, Babylon (now Iraq), Persia (now Iran), Asia MinorCities along Silk Route, and India (mostly in modern Pakistan, Punjab to Arabian Sea). Thus Old Testament as we know of mostly through Greek translation before English Translation for the King James Bible was modified  by the Macedonian Occupation to suite their agenda of domination polluting once pristine Hebrew Texts and Scriptures for universal culture (not religion) similar to Vedic.


Ancient Veda was the civilization’s knowledge repository (collection of Databases including science) and thus all truth related modern knowledge repository including constructive science must be treated as continuity of Veda. There is nothing going back to abstract uncertainty, humans must march forward shedding greedy divisive ideology and destructive profiteering technologies!


Even blinds see God internally, others always seeing externally as well! But most often external vision blurs internal vision building a wall of separation.


One who is not blind internally as well as externally has been seeing and feeling God every moment of life - often without realization due to burden of industrial/military colonization!


Listening or reading is one thing but the joy of realization knows no bounds when comes from within.


Caring leads to attachment. It is difficult to love and care yet stay detached.


Obstacles only help one to be creative if one can rise above fear from slavery.


Knowledge and love start when a person plants a tree, sees it growing, and cares for it.


Knowledge is power, ignorance is fear; love is light, knowledge helps love spread without border.


Most human actions are spontaneous reactions in an effort to adjust with surroundings beyond control. Labeling only enforces status quo hindering natural evolution.


When something responds to action that stimulates further actions!


Controlling only postpones sufferings why one must let emotions flow to detoxify prior to realization – there is no short cut.


Once one utters God’s name with love and affection, one hears the sweetest sound in the world.


One who cares for own children, family and community can feel God’s pain for children dying around the world just to empower supremacist alliance of few.


In a world full of grains, fruits, milk and honey - One hungry stomach is too many’!


In a land filled with corporate space, estates and money - One homeless without a place is too many’!


Peace is a threat to world wide private military industries and militia training trades!


Whenever National Security Prevails Over Individual Freedom A State Is Heading Toward Military Transition!


Let us remind the World that preaching Domination is Terrorism, acting to achieve it is War Crime!


Terrorism can never be fully addressed without eliminating brutal military terrorism!


An economy based on defense industries, oil, real estate, carbonated drinks, pornography, logging, and re-construction … only leads to more infighting and overall worldwide destruction!


Forgetting is diversion but accepting in heart nothing lost makes sorrows or pain disappear!


It is the loneliness that helps human to realize they are not alone and never lonely!


While most suffers to embrace daily pain escaping freedom, some can use that pain to evolve from inertia of rest to inertia of motion feeling the power of human creation.


Expectation is natural. It is difficult to commit efforts without expectation. But often it diverts the determination needed to reach the goal of satisfaction!


Lovers share things spontaneously why they grow together without much worry.


Lovers don’t need Valentine’s Day; it’s for people who forget to express love everyday.


In real love lovers feel each others missing and longing why planets move around the sun without getting lost in deep space separating!


Feeling of eternal love and bondage comes from mutual submission to each other shedding material ego while evolving with individual qualities to the fullest!


Marriage is the most difficult decision in life for the learned! Getting married for them is the beginning of the problems, if not properly connected, mentally and physically! Others who marry for physical and biological need usually become happy bringing in children along with friends and family.


Detecting cancer is just the beginning of the bad news; everything else is down hill for the patient beyond all modern medical treatments, jargons and testing.


We all need things to survive and succeed but competitive greed makes a society cancerous; covert intelligence makes judiciary and government cancerous; Constitutional Monarchy makes democracy cancerous; dominant evangelism makes religion cancerous; private mercenaries make patriotic military cancerous!


Cost of high tech detection is the main reason for sky rocketing medical cost as doctors ask patients to live with problems without much solutions than expensive surgical operations!


Electromagnetic modes or heat wave modes – Modes are always there its all about exciting them whether in heart beats, birth of a child, germination of a seed or application of waveguides – even implanting truth in otherwise indifferent people’s mind.


Spiritualism cannot be fully explained biologically because the soul doesn’t reside inside the body rather embraces the physical body although subtly linked with the biological development based on all aspect of yoga that conditions mind!


Spiritualism leads to ultimate consciousness of truth invigorating vision for real science of existence, creation, sustenance and evolution beyond the limitation of politically motivated modern academic/applied material and physical science.


Consciousness is everywhere what I call "Universal Bliss Link"; Realizations pour in as soon as one gets resonated with the link preparing mind and body for acceptance freeing brain from usual diversions and burden of unthinkable material knowledge acquired to survive and succeed in the industrial world.


When realization comes from within one will find Gurus everywhere among all sentient being including past acquaintances teaching aspects of life which were not transparent before.


Consciousness is very subtle, even the tiny electron can free itself from the atomic bond gaining photons or can be more secured to the atom by losing photons.


The main problem of modern humans is of acquiring too much institutional arrogance that undermines other species existence and consciousness.


When true self realization comes even to some extent one can speak for most aspects of life including politics, religion and spirituality based on that experience without referring to much texts or scriptures as reference!


One should read available texts and scriptures with devotion including history, religion and science especially physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy to verify realizations for proper documentation!


God is all inclusive, both light and darkness; what is darkness to humans is light to other sentient being based on the frequency spectrum that slides from zero to infinity to sustain and enhance universal evolutionary creativeness!


There is no end of Universal Existence although biological Humans and Beings would disappear and reappear as the universe oscillates between two extremes – total mass or total energy!


Anyone who preaches Koli-Yuga as the dark-age and equates evil to darkness is living in the self imposed dark-age of ignorance to exploit others for self interests censoring universal goodness!


God never gives scriptures to humans because God already given evolved humans enough to realize their own truth and write their own scriptures for their own benefit so that future generations can even write better scriptures (versions) - until and unless created ones destroy evolved scriptures and impose authoritative lies as new static scriptures from God!


Fasting takes the baptized toxic thoughts in spirit away so that body and mind can prepare for the enormous self realization using the full capacity of the brain!


Heart beat can stop any time, but the truth one realizes will be the vehicle for the journey to next life.


One has to live life in a place to form proper views!


One can only teach oneself, it comes from within!


When one feels for plants and animals around, soon hears them and talks to them as company.


Animal feeding is a natural caring urge of heart to serve; any law or bi-law banning animal feeding is Eugenic way to desensitize love for the acceptance of violence and dominating wars!


Imagine if God had to live with human adjectives or labeling by profession. Being vegetarian and pursuing knowledge with an open mind one can reach the Conscious State beyond one’s profession, all acquired adjectives and religion.


Happiness is in one’s mind. Some feels it in a crowded coffee house, some in temple others with family at home.


Digging everything from earth faster for profit is alien mentality, natives always preserve with sensitivity.


The joy of serving seldom makes one feel tired, only inspires to serve more and better!


Only fools talk about romance wise enjoy it!


Pure devotion helps one to be free of doubts and fear not possible just being wise!


Doubts and fear is the worst enemy of the human mind, knowledge and love is bliss which helps doubts and fear disappear.


Whatever one reads or practices to learn must be done with devotion without doubts to start with; the devotional mind would filter out truth from what is not real.


Many dream and act to see a peaceful co-existing world which is presently full of nightmares!


Imagine if Buddha or Jesus had to worry about illness! Like animals and birds human can solve most health problems staying active, clean, eating healthy and avoiding/managing stress! 


Knowledge cannot console mind only love for the divine can.


Talking about love is one thing, realization comes from entire life.


Often learned creates perfect example where greed cannot see eternal kindness.


‘Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder’; wise see the soul inside the borders to find hidden treasures.


No one knows when death comes, how! That’s why wise spends every moment to learn and serve merrily before saying good-bye!


Joy of reunion is overwhelming why universe evolves creating new stars and galaxies.


Music is the language of the soul, writing, cooking and serving are the languages of the heart!


No one documented God’s messages like what Nobel Laureate Poet ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ did through his poem songs!


Cooking is the best human art which is also useful for body and mind.


One begins to taste real freedom when own cooking look and taste awesome.


In a vegetarian world no one needs to worry about Kosher, Halal, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and pollution from the waste of billions of killings.


Only tears can clear the path of realization! It doesn’t mean pain but deep longing. What starts with pain ends in joy of union.


Realization is real, a personal experience beyond scriptures and holy books, if one can free oneself from Institutional Teachings, socio-politico-economic diversions and try to invent self re-learning un-learned intuition and vision doing almost everything alone including cooking humane meals for healthy gratification, analyzing personal experiences in life (preferably) in natural seclusion opening all the doors and windows blocked by ignorance, arrogance and egoistic superstition!


Consciousness is not mythical or hypothetical, they are real, and anything real experienced by a self can be expressed and or documented.


No amount of reading of texts and scriptures or listening to lectures would give one real consciousness, because it is hands on experience to relish, cherish and flourish for others to be nourished.


When one gets connected to the eternal universal bliss link  consciousness would pour in from every direction and every entity around giving new simple vision to see all aspects of life rising above status-quo discovering seemingly simpler solution for greater freedom which can be easily mostly documented or communicated using existing languages and expressions.


Wise give people gift as surprises, never give what other’s want resembling trade.


One who can relish missing and longing during separation enjoys all fruits of union.


Tajmahal is beautiful so are many man made wonders but still inferior to an innocent smile or a little wild flower!


If one can maintain health eating tasty healthy food in less amount learning is wisdom.


Right height/weight is needed to keep disease away keeping in mind body needs 57% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 13% protein.


Losing weight shouldn’t mean getting tired and miserable. A light vegetarian meal supplemented with nuts, fruits and milk, along with briskly walk or jogging can end most physical or mental sufferings!


It is better to munch on grapes, carrot sticks, roasted unsalted peanuts, raw cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, hot spicy Punjabi mix, nachos with cheese, fresh apple, sugar cane, pumpkin seeds, dates, fried eggplant or spicy potato treats, samosa, pakora, or spicy cheek peas,  cookies, biscuits, cream crackers with cheese – than carbonated drinks and potato chips!


Body needs fat. If one doesn’t eat enough body creates them and stores them. Body also creates fat whenever necessary to save organs from toxicity.


When two persons know their limitations and accept them they become good companions.


Often divorce is worse than death; Death brings family and friends together while divorce takes them apart!


Only Slaves see sexual organs in human free ones see the divine in everyone why they only get physically aroused by their loving companion.


Sex keeps one young as long as one has self control and respect.


In ancient world people celebrated life and culture enjoying sex and appreciating reproduction with responsibility without the painful abusive circumcision, and worries from birth control and related abortion.


Adultery is the worst human Karma (action) which strikes at the very foundation, faith, of life.


It’s easy to be mischievous hiding facts from family and friends but no one can hide behind self.


Love flows from self to family to community to country to world to God.


When true love is realized, nothing can be harmed knowingly because every sentient being has its own spirit/soul for further evolution through re-incarnation based on karmic ability.


A child is the best gift human can ever receive reminding the momentum of continuity.


Human can do anything if they are free to try.


What is in a name? But there are names people can say million times only to feel enlightened!


Once one feels God by any name, the name becomes the sweetest and vision transparent.


A bad manager can make life on earth feels like hell; a good manager makes it feel at home as if in heaven.


A man feels great being a dad, a few feel the greatness of being universal dad.


Once people start complaining about their natural season soon they become out of tune from nature’s protection!


Often crying means sufferings but learned can steer them to feel the joy of new meaning.


We will have happiest day and saddest day in life. But sometime one event may give us same feeling inside.


We must be digging to make a better living bearing in mind a safe easy return to top before leaving! 


A good composer writes in the brain when working, walking, serving or gardening before documenting feelings through music or pen!


When democracy is run as constitutional monarchy it ends up in mockery to satisfy military priority.


Outsourcing eventually makes an organization being run from outside; long term ally takes over a country lobbying from inside; why faith in employee and non-alignment are the best for commerce and a country.


When news is sold for profit often they become manufactured or misstated initiating gossips.


True journalism shouldn’t label news as negative or positive – they should be reported as they happen without bias and black outs prevalent in present day aristocratic worldwide media monopoly!


Pulitzer and Hearst introduced “Yellow Journalism” to the Americans in 1890s. Since then Pulitzer like prizes has been converting world journalism to “Yellow” polluting news with profiteering partisan propaganda and gossips!


The United Nations is the symbol of unity among nations; countries that preach for allied nations are against UN for division.


We are born world citizens to discover some communities, cities, countries, religion treat us as alien!


God once blessed humans giving them a brand new world, pristine environment, hospitable Native people and sages with cosmic wisdom!


One who always let others clean own mess never had a chance to clean self.


The most important fundamental learning in life is to clean after self; otherwise all achievements will someway lead to enslaving others while polluting the world in some way!


Anyone who cleans after own mess knows that the filth is more than it appears!


Globalization is natural, but one size never fits all – be it socialism, capitalism, legalized-feudalism or evangelism?


Feudal Capitalism needs wars and deceiving colonization to sustain enslaving domination for economic exploitation through Monarchial institutions!


Religious tolerance is natural; becomes violence when military kill indiscriminately, politicians and media act irresponsibly!


Throughout history few evil minds were behind holocausts deceiving conscious people and using their silence as consent since Trojan War!


Nothing is worse than feudal capitalist class systems dividing people by the degree of loyalty to the united Monarchical Nobility that encourages Fascism to sustain Oligarchies destroying true participatory democracies.


Secrecy leads to doubts and fear, the main enemy of human being that mainly helps the underworld!


Whenever national security prevails over individual freedom a state is heading toward military transition!


Let one find faults in others which might eventually help one to discover own faults leading to self corrections!


We all have the power to display godly manifestation being like the sun, serving fellow being without expectation!


Having born in an industrial civilized world is stressful! But one can still have a meaningful life converting negative stress to positive stress as impetus for visionary enlightenment!


Often people suffer from unnecessary stress for obtaining additional material pleasures without fully appreciating what they already possess!


Human’s dependence on meat is the first step to slavery which leads to endless lust, inert desires, diseases, sorrows, and sufferings!


Meat eating leads to doubts and fear about other sentient being including humans of other kind!


Nothing can insult soul more than ego out of ignorance can.


No one is born as stupid. But a stupid product of Industrial socio-politico-economic system mainly reads and spreads gossips avoiding truth because his/her enslaved domain is full of stupidity out of ignorance!


We all will have ego, physical expression of the soul, as long as we live reflecting our level of consciousness based on surrounding socio-economic-cultural environment. But positive ego leads to nirvana/salvation while negative ego contributes to self destruction. We must use every situation as an opportunity for enlightenment to augment the level of consciousness resonating with the inner vibrant compassionate soul.


Fundamentalism keeps the momentum of evolution whether in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Religion! Without it science becomes stagnant applied technology, religion becomes ritualistic anarchy! It is true Baptism which makes one born again, encourage science and religion to seek truth and nothing less! The only threat to world peace comes from private militarism which is against rule of law, proof of conviction and gun control giving rise to private militia, a convenient instrument often used by corrupt intelligence, military and judiciary to silence oppositions for Supremacy!


Crusades and World Wars were needed whenever the economy of countries with Royalty and/or Constitutional Monarchy collapsed closing their financial institutions and threatening their economic supremacy! If the modern market is free, why do we need FED Chairman and speculators for constant manipulations as well as bail out from Congress?


Militarism is the oldest profession on Earth to loot native treasures and steal native lands triggering Holocausts, Diaspora and Slavery as well as related prostitution, colonialism, gay and lesbianism, economic inflation and recession!


Peace loving naturally free humans didn't need a profession to enjoy Heavenly Earth sharing and celebrating together God given resources for survival, entertainment and enlightenment of loving hearts!


Grandpa told my father in British occupied India that war was good for economy, he meant British economy! WW II made USA superpower, the same economy urges them to start WW III to maintain it only to feed and care for 300 million people in a vast resourceful country! Isn’t it time to re-think?


Evangelism led to colonialism and domination dividing people leading to endless fortified borders around the world guarding ideology and religion! As the world tries to shed differences and live as democratic United Nations (UN) expansion of Monarchial NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is UN’s destruction!  World must act united against Super Power Alliance acting like a rogue country possessing most weapons of mass destruction (WMD)!


There is no letter “J” in ancient, medieval or modern Hebrew which would make Jews, Judaism, and Jesus foreign to Ancient land of Canaan, now Palestine!


Ever wonder why Al-Qaeda suspects aren’t allowed to speak for themselves before States build their cases?  Let’s not forget the first question in Democracy – ‘What if they are not militant’? We must not live under criminal military and intelligence hiding under National Security and secrecy!


Intelligence shrouded in secrecy only leading to military within military, country within a country, state within a state, city within a city, community within a community, with special immunity!


Covert Intelligence is a deception for legalization of Mafia and Private Mercenaries to run shadow government hijacking democracy for the United Monarchy.


Evil/True Ignorant always sees truth and universal messages as junks; that is why they keep on doing things that eventually converts world around full of junks, including scholarly!


Never cut down a healthy pine that was growing and glorifying the life. Most of us will disappear, religious structures will fall apart, but the mighty pine will be standing there for thousands of years to tell silent stories to newcomers.


Even blinds can read by touch but when scholars/academics act blind nothing can give them vision!


The best aspect of a true scholar is to research everything with an open mind and try to establish the common link for universal understanding and enlightenment rising above status-quo of faith-based egoistic superstitions which are mostly products/effects of colonized dominations.


Media News is something good to have, world can go by without it. But when people become celebrity selling news then they can make news!


Out of nothing money came to the world tying its value to mostly useless resources like gold and silver leading to kingships and wars for resources and slaves while perpetuating class system guaranteeing aristocrative dominance and endless slavery preaching evangelical gospels of fear with honour!


Most good thoughts are being discussed outside publishing rim or hiding in remote places of libraries hidden among vast scholarly texts and untouchables to mainstream commercial media busy with gossips. 


Fascists, including King David in Bible, always hurt own country and people to hurt others throughout history.


When politics equates to high paying jobs politicians forget to serve citizens viewing voters as profitable customers!


Politics can never be science to maximize humanization of our society; political science should be changed to governance science focusing on good governance using science, technology, commerce, agriculture, arts and related cultural plurality!


Politicians love status-quo to sustain politics of authority whereas leaders break the ice rising above addressing new possibilities and beginning for humanity!


Politics is a deceiving art; when politics becomes science, science becomes speculative art which is obvious in many modern day scientific claims using microscopes and imaginative telescopes!


Political Conservatives are historically loyal to Royals, against Democracy by the People, normally against everything good for overall Citizens including free education, guaranteed good jobs, environment, healthcare and peaceful community without the threat of gun ownership that mainly empowers violence and private mercenaries!


There is nothing called ‘loss’ in life except violent unnatural event causing untimely death or severed body part(s). The industrial world teaches us from childhood to gain many illusionary things which only help maintain status-quo (endless slavery of the masses) for the economic gains of a few elites & nobles and their future generations.


There is no Heaven in the sky! Earth was Heaven when colonialists and their evangelists didn’t convert parts of it as Hell while motivating the slaves work harder to reach a fictitious better place “Heaven = Haven”! End of Monarchy and related colonialisms can re-establish lost Heaven on Earth, a place without borders, class, divisions, and supremacist orders!


Too much power & money in few likeminded group of private hands led to 9/11/2001, related chaos and injustice, insecurity everywhere, failure of the banking & justice systems, almost no accountability, and biased polling by their media to support all that making citizens’ fight and gossip against each other worldwide. It is time to take back governments from private agencies and outsourcing to live freely as we the people, by the people and for the people – enjoying true bliss of Participatory Democracy void of Constitutional Monarchy.


Myriads of truth can be buried under a big lie delivered diligently in concert by like minded souls in power bounded by a common faith and/or ideology of fraternity.


No one can cheat others without cheating self which will be imprinted in sub-consciousness till death begging for forgiveness!


Forgiveness makes one free from the burden of carrying the thought of revenge!


Universe is poetic why poems are most effective. Most prose are gossips why world looks so pathetic despite millions of scholars, academics and theologists.


The art of good life is not additional possessions but to manage the existing possessions aesthetically for united enjoyment and enlightenment.


Enlightened ones never debate, they discuss because truth has only one state! Debates for centuries only led to enormous gossips burying simple truth of life under mountain of theological bureaucracies and political mudslides.

One who has seen light doesn't need any worldly lime light which causes people to hide.


There is every cause for celebrating united efforts towards one world; but fellow world citizens must stand tall to ensure that world is not ruled from the underworld with Mafia like Covert Intelligence agencies, Bilderberg like secret Aristocratic Constitutional Monarchy and Vatican like intruding Evangelical Supremacy – whose only aim is to continue Oligarchy!


What’s wrong with American God Father David Rockefeller’s vision of one world Ruled by ‘Bankers and Elites of Bilderberg’ or British Businessman Cecil Rhode’s colonial vision of ‘Monarchical Hyperpower’?  They don’t know how to serve democratic world with humility and democracy is all about serving citizens humbly confirming egalitarian distribution of the fruits of united labour!


People enjoying the bliss of Monarchy at the cost of general hardship around the world often spread the fear of Democracy being run by Mob hiding the fact that it is ‘Open organized enlightened Mob (masses)’ in place of ‘Closed secretive faith based chosen ones’!


If a Pope can attain Sainthood being deified for two undocumented intangible miracles or expanding Christendom for evangelic colonization then most medical doctors, responsible socialist leaders and humanist activists around the world should enjoy the same privilege for saving hundreds of lives during lifetime with tangible medical miracles, or visionary social welfare or peace mission!


If we remove God and Soul from the world, King/Queen and Pope will be there as Absolutes per their Agenda (Cross loving Anglican Church does not have a God, Queen is the Head and Pope is the King in Catholic Church where Jesuits are Soldiers of Jesus (LeZeus) sustaining Oligarchies NOT loving Messengers of Yahshua of Nazareth or Buddha for peaceful democracies)!


God never created any religion, they were made by Humans mostly for praising and thanking almighty and associated spirits culturally and spiritually; but few were created by invaders and occupiers making their Kings and Queens as Gods and Goddesses perpetuating hypocrisy.


Brahman is a state and each entity has its own state of Brahman which it strives to attain under favourable condition; Integration and accumulation of all the states of Brahman equate to Param Brahma - The ultimate state of Brahman - all inclusive - no one is fittest or chosen.


Only fools claim them as Messiah or Prophet, the true ones only work for the benefit of all sentient being and let history deify them as convenient.


It’s a fight for Truth & justice against Lies & injustice which is the law of causation! This is a decisive moment in history and all humans must strive to fight for truth with their Heavenly power inside so that they can live Heavenly life on Earth with peaceful possessions and truthful vocations!


If humans ever need a war that must be war against lies that have plagued our once pristine world since the Trojan War!


European peace-prescription for the rest of the world seems to be: learn to accept unilateral colonizing wars and aggressions for Christendom using political wing Holy See and military wing SMOM while maintaining peace institutions including mandated by the United Nations to inspire and prepare sufferers towards post war reconciliation with Gandhian vision!


We need to have common grounds to live socially – but how truth can have common ground with lies, justice with blind injustice, participatory democracies with hereditary monarchies, open accountabilities with Swiss Bank like money laundering, peaceful spiritualism with violent dominating evangelism, loving universalism with hateful extremism, caring diplomacy with mindless militarism?


Let us prove once more that a Pen is mightier than many Swords!


Love is the ultimate security which does not require expensive idle mischievous covert intelligence, violent military, destructive Defense industries, and divisive ideologies!


Can God take form? Of course, every physical being is the end product of that loving expression; God is the integration of all creative evolution making us one big family enjoying the world as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”!


God (Universal Loving Expression) bless our beautiful world and all sentient beingJ

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