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A Dual American-Canadian citizen was born in Calcutta, India, on October 17, 1954. A poet/writer, researcher, composer, music teacher and performer, photographer, peace activist, besides a Professional Engineer, MBA in Telecommunications Management and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Held IT Management positions in corporations and institutions in USA and Canada.  Honoured with International Federation of Animal Welfare 2007, Gold Award SBC/Pacific Bell 1997 and Best Composer Jadavpur University 1978! Honoured with "Excellence in World Poetry Award 2010" by the International Poets Academy.


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Undertook extensive self-funded research (since 2001) in the evolution of languages, religion, economy, and civilization for better understanding of universal values needed for peaceful conflict resolutions in a global union!


A converted Vegetarian who believes in non-violence and peace can be achieved throughout the world without military strategic interests while visualizing collateral damages as real death and destructions.


Brought up in Southern Calcutta was always keen to know and learn about the people and their real conditions.  A nature and animal lover who maintained his faith in universal well being throughout the career. Travelled extensively in North America and India as well as visited many foreign countries in Europe and Asia.


Also a singer who composed songs like ‘One World’, ‘Heavenly’, ‘Regain’, ‘Canadian Pride’, ‘Spirit of Victoria’, ‘Quest’, ‘Co-existence’, ‘Peace Now’, ‘Life is Simple’ and ‘Universal Celebration’ as well as Bengali Songs & Piano Compositions!  Directed many Musical shows and performed solo in community fund raising events.  Produced music CDs and informational web sites. Founder of ‘Geetanjali Music School’ San Francisco which moved to Victoria, Canada (Web Site: http://www.kolki.com/music/Geetanjali.html). Performed in All India Radio, Calcutta; Namaste Asia Television, Washington DC; Folk Festival Victoria BC; CFUV 101.9FM Victoria; Prabasi, San Francisco, CA; Diwali Celebrations; Spring Fest, IIT, Kharagpur, WB; Milad an-Nabi, UVIC Campus; Indira Gandhi National  Center for the Arts (IGNCA), Delhi; North American Bengali Conference.   


Writes as Kolki and published a book of poems, “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, a recipe for better world. Many poems by Kolki had been published in the International Society of Poets anthologies including ‘Immortal Verses’ and ‘Secrets of the Soul’, News Media and journals around the world, as well as part of Noble House collections like ‘Colours of the Heart’ and ‘Theatre of the Mind’, some winning awards!


Published a Non-Fiction fact finding book ‘Real path to 9/11 – A Barrier To Peace, Universal Well Being, and Good Environment” written after extensive research to enlighten the world with the very cause of seemingly unjustifiable violent acts as nations around the world try their best to address domestic issues for well being of overall citizens. Has been campaigning to ensure the findings reach most leaders, politicians, journalists, academics and scholars around the world for their understanding of the core problem before addressing solutions!


Designed and edited a book by renowned art historians Dr. P. Banerjee & R. Banerjee, ‘Indian & Central Asian Art – Narrative Interpretations of Unique Fragments’. As Chief Editor of Abha Prakashan published the maiden issue of the annual journal Kristi in 2008 as well as the Volume 2 in 2009, Volume 3 in 2010 and have been working on the upcoming 2011 issue.


Wrote many Peace related articles since 9/11, 2001, most of which can be accessed online via his poetry WEB Site www.kolki.com.


Here is a list of online publications!    [Bibliography]


English Poems by Kolki: http://www.kolki.com/

                                   (About Universal Well Being, Peace and Love)                                                                           

Peace Related Writings:  http://www.kolki.com/peace/peace2.html                              

Sayings of Kolki:            http://www.kolki.com/SayingofKolki.htm

Universal Consciousness: http://www.kolki.com/peace/Universal-Consciousness.htm


Bengali Poems by Kolki: http://www.kolki.com/bengali.html

Humane Cuisine:         http://www.kolki.com/humane/Humane-Cuisine.htm

Photography: Unique Moments: http://www.kolki.com/unique.html

Calcutta (Kolkata) Beyond Mother Teresa: http://www.kolki.com/calcutta.html

Kolki Peace Institute for Stress Management and Conflict Resolutions:


Kolki Peace Foundation: http://www.kolki.com/peace/KPF-Worldwide-PT-Links.htm


Working on future books ‘Living with the lovebirds’, ‘Universal Consciousness’, ‘Humane Cuisine’, ‘Planet X’, ‘Enemy Within’, ‘Linguistic Diaspora’ and ‘Science In Religion’. Actively working on ‘Kolki Peace Foundation related campaign to unite people around the world with the message of love and peace irrespective of nationality, religion, and inherited ideology – understanding and addressing the root cause of hegemony! 


9/11 changed my life and agenda as I wrote poems and articles and sent them worldwide including Senators, MPs, House Members of most countries, Media Journalists and Editors, UN members, Ireland & European Union, World Court, firefighters, law enforcements, academics & scholars, religious groups and friends. In the process I published my book of poems as "Poems by Kolki - Absolutely Humane", a recipe for better world, and Non-Fiction Fact Finding Research Book "Real Path To 9 11" exposing details of Remote Controlled Military Hijackings and World Trade Center Demolition by Explosives which has been selling worldwide both as Paperback and E-BOOK. 

http://www.kolki.com/Real-Path-To-9-11-eBook.htm (E-BOOK)

http://www.kolki.com/Web-Page-Customer-Readers.htm (Paperback)


I undertook self funded research in Religion, History, Language Development with an open logical mind and led a more or less solitary life (living with my lovebirds) analyzing everything without preconceived notions. Basically I discovered what Universal Love is and thus World peace and Harmony became my personal issue especially exposing the very truth about the cause of violence, abuses, and corruptions embedded in colonization in the name of democratization.


Most of my poems and articles I have been maintaining online since 9/11 as www.kolki.com for Universal Enlightenment.


Fig: Protesting against clear logging in BC Rain Forest


Let us not waste any more time hunting for virtual terrorism!  The whole world is hungry for peace and democracy achieved through mutual respect and understanding, not using bombs and missiles.  War divides and destroys people and civilization, animal and Environment, as the ultimate ‘weapons of mass destruction’……Kolki.


<= Currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, at 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3T2; Telephone: 250-412-2897; E-Mail: Deepak.Sarkar@ieee.org; Research@kolki.com  


Residences in India: 796 Nikka Singh Block, New Delhi – 110049; Telephone: (91 11) 4 610 9280;


7/9A, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata – 700092 (Was born in Behala General Hospital, Calcutta)



Living with the Free Lovebirds at Victoria home:



Some of the published/edited books and Journals from Kolki –





                 Vol I, II, III as Chief Editor     Edited book by Dr. P. Banerjee and Dr. R. Banerjee



Book “Sayings of Kolki – documented self realization” has been Published recently from Trafford Publication, USA:

LINK:=> http://www.kolki.com/book/SayingsofKolki.pdf












Married to Dr. Radha Banerjee Sarkar (Art Historian) who recently delivered our twin daughters, Sai and Gaitrii, born on January 18, 2012.

Web Site: http://www.kolki.com/moments/SaiGaitrii.html


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