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(Dedicated to the family and friends of All Departed Souls – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[No one knows when death comes, how! That’s why wise spends every moment on Earth to learn and serve before saying good-bye! Kolki]


Death –

Is the ultimate separation of a loved one!

No words, advice, or consolation

Can compensate for the sudden loss;

Or heal the sufferings from the feeling of emptiness!

Only time and good reminiscences

Can help easing the pain of enlightenment!

As the soul reaches the new destination,

And realizes new dimension of consciousness.


Death is like changing clothes –

It’s a journey to an unknown abode

Where the soul is finally free again

In the form of electromagnetic energy base

Traveling at the speed of light or above

As it gets ready for the next adventure!


We can only hope and wish -

That the departed soul gains enough energy

Realizing true love and acquiring true knowledge!

To go beyond the seventh layer of the ionosphere

Out in the vast and infinite universe,

To finally be in union -

With the very rhythm of creation!


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Brahman is a state and each entity has its own state of Brahman which it strives to attain under favourable condition; Integration and accumulation of all the states of Brahman equate to Param Brahma - The ultimate state of Brahman - all inclusive - no one is fittest or chosen. Kolki