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Universal Notes

(Dedicated to neighbourly world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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The seven rays of light

Are not much different than seven notes of music

And seven heaven of gospel

And seven layers of the ionosphere

Except in the range of frequencies!


The three modes of Gaitrii -

Are tunes of waves as electromagnetic!

When the Sun’s rays embrace Earth daily

At Dawn, noon, and evening!


God is never partisan, only universal!

Initiator of Big-Bang releasing OM for cosmic traversal

Receptor of the galactic energy for cyclic reversal

Omnipotent, omnipresent, all encompassing, eternal

Showering blessings incessantly on all mortal and immortal -

As the seven band of visions

Slides from zero to infinity nurturing subtle creative evolution!


Article: Universal Consciousness


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