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Vegetarian World

(Dedicated toward a healthy and peaceful world in communion – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant,

On the face of the whole earth -

And every tree that has fruit with seed in it -

They will be yours for food”. (Genesis 1:29)

“You who have compassion for a lamb -
”Shall be the shepherd of my people Israel” (Exodus Rabbah)

Killing is the beginning of all human sufferings!” (Buddha)

Thou Shall Not Kill

Man shall reap that which he hast sown.
So be it the Law of Justice" (Jesus)

"There is not an animal on earth,

Nor a bird that flies on its wings –

But they are communities like you." (The Quran, 6:38)


Imagine if world was still vegetarian!

Billions of cows won’t be raised to be slaughtered

No chicken or rabbit head severed

No pig, goat, lamb butchered

No fish out of water

Food is always Halal and Kosher!


Earth won’t be polluted with blood and leftovers

Bazaar and Market won’t smell like rotten corpse

Good health would cut down nation’s health care costs

Fishing boats would ferry for commerce and pleasure stops

Seagulls won’t crowd ocean beaches, neither sharks

Meat industry won’t destroy grains causing global hunger!


No one would terrorise as hunters and poachers

Birds would fly happily with family in cheers

Natural grazers would graze horizon as family together

Flesh burning smell won’t pollute parks, restaurants, and bars

Forests would be greener without accidental fires

Rumours and fears won’t drive us to wars

Peace activists will sleep well without nightmares!



If we still could hear, God’s message loud and clear –

“Behold my child – It is late but not beyond the border

To live in a Vegetarian World enjoying heavenly pleasures

Coexisting with fellow beings without hatred, violence and fear”!


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