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Universal Consciousness

Science in Religion (Hypothesis)

Deepak K. Sarkar


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Mantra or Chanting in Pre-Aryan, Pre-Biblical world had nothing to do with glorifying or pleasing physical God. Since they didn’t have to lead a life under Ten Commandments or Post-Aryan Vedic Caste arrangements, worrying about private or privacy, maintaining ownership and supremacy, Sages evolved who could listen to cosmic sounds, the language of universal science! They heard the sound of Big Bang as ‘Om (Auum)’ as well as derivatives that sound like Hare (Ha-ray from ‘Ha Ra’ ‘Ha Re’), Krishna (Kri-sna, Krsna), Rama (Raama from ‘Ra + Auum’)! Just as birds calls can never be documented as texts due to tonal harmonics, these universal sounds can only be taught vocally why the text itself carry only a part of the message as documented as bija (seed) mantra: Hreem, Shreem, Kreem, Kleem, Kreeng, Gaum, Hoom, Doom, etc. (leading to Hri [Hree, Hari], Kri, Shri, Sri, Kli [Kali], -> Ha Ra Ka, Sa, Re, Ri, Li, etc)

Let’s Rock With Universal Consciousness

(Compositions and Voice of Kolki)


What is Universal Consciousness?

Realization that it is the variation of ‘Mahamantra’ wave and patterns in different frequencies, magnitudes and rhythms carrying the cosmic seed Om (Auum) as the basis of everything seen or unseen, in every form of every being is Universal Consciousness! One can call it Krishna, Raama, Shiva, Buddha, Allah or Guru Consciousness; it’s all the same irrespective of label! Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Sri Chaitanya all realized it in their own way and tried their best to reveal it to people around who were burdened with Scriptures’ teachings of judgemental God! It is simple but to visualize one need to understand the science and physics of waves and modes besides meditation and constructive renunciation along with chanting of ‘Mahamantra’ in spontaneous patterns in tunes –


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare  | Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

   Ý            (Rising part of the wave)               Ý                  Ý            (Falling part of the wave)    Ý

   ß                                                             ß                  ß                                                   ß

Starting header for rise                         End Rise            Starting header for fall                          End fall to rise again


This is the fundamental wave of the universe that acts as the carrier of all consciousness that sustains the creative evolution throughout and is the driving force behind Maxwell’s Universal Wave Equations1! This chanting becomes a Nano2 or Pico3 noise blip in terra/peta Hertz the very basis of many scientific physical assumptions!  


[Light travels 186,000 miles per second.  The wave length of light is .0005 millimetres.  The speed of light divided by the wave length gives the frequency of light in hertz.  The frequency of light in hertz is about 600,000,000,000,000 cycles per second = 600 x 1012 or 600 Terra Hertz.]


That is Shiva’s eternal dance4 what carries light (photon) from the sun throughout the universe! Sages listened to these sounds and documented them as Mahamantra! That is why by singing it or listening to it one gets connected to the eternal flow of consciousness based on faith (willingness to be connected, similar to right antenna for receiving) and devotion (feeling what has been received)! Einstein5 probably stumbled upon the concept of Ether6 with similar realization.


That dance causes the vibrational heat what asks neutron to break into Electron and Proton eventually giving ions, chemical elements and molecules, the building blocks of everything in the universe! The art of that dance depicts universal evolutions! The period of that dance is the concept of cosmic time! 


It has nothing to do with physical God7 as we know! It is the realization of the loving energy that forms and governs the Universe, the universal bliss link! Sages and Prophets came to the world to realize and document for the benefit of the people who are busy with social duties and responsibilities! The physical Gods can only be explained as people evolved in Godly personalities with enormous knowledge and universal realizations of love and affection! The violent God(s) who command services for reward and punishment otherwise can probably be explained as beings who came to discover Earth or found new home because their Planet was destroyed! That is why there had been so much effort to destroy civilization and culture that existed on Earth before mystical Biblical/Aryan events, related wars, displacements, and migrations!


God only exists in the bliss mode of creative consciousness, cannot punish or reward anyone! Once one realizes it can’t help but loving and appreciating everything in and around this world as well as thanking God (The Universal Consciousness) for life as the ultimate reward!


Methodology for Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is not something personal abstracts for which someone has to leave home or go to forest or sit under tree with closed eyes. Thus, to live in our modern society with universal consciousness is to make society with the virtues of universal well being void of day to day class struggles, distractions, exploitations from built-in modern insensitiveness. 


Thus, we can certainly realize Universal Consciousness following certain life style but to maintain it globally giving others chances to the joy of this realization methodologies can be implemented for the overall well being of all sentient beings: abolishing class system from trains, airplanes, theatres & movie halls; ….. stopping all killings for human consumption except during scarcity from draught or famine…stopping all medical practices that torture animals….stopping all religious practices that sacrifice animals and/or inflict pain  mutilating body or parts of the body with rituals…..encouraging sex for entertainment but abolishing commercial pornography and prostitution… abolishing concept of neighbourhood ….converting prisons to Ashrams with farming…..abolishing fences around communities and the world……separating Governments from Private agencies……Holding elections on issues good for communities and countries and not for the politicians with self interests in outside alliances……….making voting mandatory for everyone in the country……encouraging privacy but discouraging private control of individual life both economically and politically…… converting constitutional Monarchs to true participatory democracy…..abolishing kingly status of presidency, real or ceremonial….creating jobs that are meant for the good of humans and the Earth….realigning concept of stranger from alien to brothers or sisters…..accepting God is universal, omnipresent, omnipotent, all encompassing, a loving expression eternal…  thereby creating a blissful environment right for Universal Self-Realizations!


End Notes:


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