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(Dedicated to Non-Violent unified world prospering embracing best of humankind – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Once for all we must ask ourselves what made humans the only animal which enjoys killing and destructing their own kind as well! Kolki]


Imagine a world –

Where Churches are free from the burden of Cross

Smiling Yeshua (Jesus) welcoming all with gospels of love!


Temples are free from violent Gods

Enchanting Shiva, Buddha, Krishna, illuminating all

Bhagavad Geeta is Guru Geeta without reference to Mahabharat!


Mosques are spreading loving teachings of Muhammad -

Unitedly praising ‘Allah Hu Akbar’

Gurdwara displaying Guru Nanak in Khanda replacing global swords!


Synagogues are rejuvenated with ancient Hebrew universal thoughts

Celebrating life as if in the days of wise Solomon

Refreshing knowledge lost in Hebrew-Greek-English translation!


Where people can walk into any religious institution

Knowing their prayers will add to the universal wisdom!


Where self sacrifice stops sacred killings of all forms

No one is suffering from scars of circumcised mutilation!


Knowing religion is a cause for celebration

For everything we achieve for better living condition!

Commerce is a mechanism of need based distribution

Science is the vehicle of truth beyond institutions and corporations

Military is for homeland protection not pre-emptive aggression!


Where United Nations is democratic reflecting population

Criminals of War are transparent to legal intuitions -  

Irrespective of race, colour, gender, status, and religion!  


Where Vatican becomes a religious United Nations

Abandoning all evangelical mission

Promoting global scientific religious vision!


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[When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens need take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating natural human rights. Kolki]


It’s a fight for Truth & justice against Lies & injustice which is the law of causation! This is a decisive moment in history and all humans must strive to fight for truth with their Heavenly power inside so that they can live heavenly life on Earth with peaceful possessions and truthful vocations! God (universal loving expression) bless our beloved world and all sentient being.J Kolki


Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad had one thing in common – they all fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before their realizations.


Love is the ultimate security which does not require expensive idle mischievous covert intelligence, violent military, destructive Defense industries, and divisive ideologies! Kolki