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Planet Earth

(Dedicated to sustainable healthy planet earth – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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In this vast universe

Among seemingly infinite space and distant stars

I am the living Planet Earth

Revolving merrily as family around my star, the Sun!


I have been living for ages caring for millions

Mineral, oil, gas deposits act like my organs!

My soil is fertile to satisfy being of all forms  

Plants, insects, birds, and animals!

My oceans are mechanisms for atmospheric balance

Ensuring a predictable life support system immortal!


While most sentient being respect my natural order

Humans need mining, drilling, and logging, for life and culture!

But the entrepreneurial ambitions for material gains of lust

Resembling my existence as decapitated body parts!


So it is time for humans to ask -

Is it alright to siphon last drop of oil sheltered by the rock?

Is it alright to clear cut and uproot old growth to log?

Is it alright to extract metallic ores creating miles of holes?

Don’t they unitedly constitute their living abode?


It is time for humans to understand -

Thousands of years prepared my body for genetic evolution

Soon to be hostile place to live for generations!

That time may be running out to fix my scars from self healing 

Making me slip/wobble during daily spin

Producing unpredictable day, night, and seasons!


If humans continue drilling, logging, mining for greed

Transferring earth around for quick profit

Induced imbalance may soon affect axial inclination

Causing enormous calamities leading to global devastations!

Depriving world from solstices, equinoxes, and celebrations

Resulting in permanent summer or winter in many regions

Triggering endless migrations, wars, and annihilations!


Hope ‘Earth Day’ becomes a day of global consciousness

Respecting unison with the spirit of peaceful coexistence!


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 (Written: April 19, 2008)


[God (Universal Loving Expression) once blessed human giving them a brand new world, pristine environment, hospitable Native people, and sages with cosmic wisdom! Kolki]


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An economy based on defense industries, oil, real estate, carbonated drinks, pornography, logging, wars and re-construction … only leads to more infighting and overall worldwide destruction and dehumanization! Kolki


Fig. Clear cut at BC, Canada Rain Forest


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