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Want to be a vegetarian? Don't know how and what to eat? (Check these web sites): => Vegetarian Snacks   Sweets
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Reference to 'Meat' in Bible is food in Hebrew NOT 'Flesh'!
Judaism and Vegetarianism "Kosher = Fit to eat "
Christianism and Vegetarianism
Islam and Vegetarianism   "Halal = Permissible" 


Now READ the Poem “Vegetarian”! Good luck towards the Best decision for your body and soul! PEACE


What Is Humane Cuisine? [From Kolki]    (Recipe will be added with picture soon...)

Preparing and serving delicious healthy meals and snacks without killing any animal and shedding a drop of blood!

What about protein? Despite popular belief proteins are enormous in many day to day vegetables, some fruits, nuts, milk, cheese, grains and Tofu (the miracle soybean cake)!

What’s wrong eating meat? Nothing wrong when food is scarce and animals are abundant! But eating meat is someway accepting violence! Because the animal we eat had the same desire to survive and go through their
'Karmic' life cycle! Nobody likes to die before their natural end.

What about Plants Karmic life cycle? Body anatomy and chemistry in animals and plants are very different! If we don't eat an apple it is going to rot leaving the seeds in the ground! A ripe fruit is the end of the Karmic cycle! Same thing is true for most fruits and vegetables!

But animals for the non-vegetarian diet, have heart and blood circulation like us, beget children and form a family! A slaughtered cow is some other cows' family! We don't see it or ignore it, but they miss their family member as we do! Thus killing animal for food renders to unfinished Karma of that animal and suffering by their family! This in turn brings sufferings to human as an after effect!

What about Grain/Meat Ratio? It is now well established fact that we feed more grains to animals than the overall food value of its meat! Thus the popular belief 'meat eating is the main cause of world hunger'!

What about Pain Poison? Imagine the pain from small cut during cutting your nails or a paper cut or cut from some bush/thorns! Now imagine someone or something cutting the throat of a cow or ox, or deer or horse, or chicken or duck, etc. The enormous pain mixes in the blood as toxic pain poison throughout.

What about animal diseases? Like human being, animal also become victim of viruses and bacteria acquiring many diseases! Most bacteria are destroyed when meat is well cooked! But the risk of getting diseased tissue into a human stomach is great causing so many modern diseases!

Is meat industry making meat eating worse? Whenever many number of animals are cramped into a small place who only eat and grow fat, they become prone to diseases. Like human, animals also play and have fun outdoor apart from eating and sleeping! If one recalls 'modern plague' started from New York City where millions of slave labourers were kept in tents in shanties! Now imagine what diseases those cows, pigs and chicken are subjected to!

What about sufferings of soul? Hindu and Buddhist cremate dead bodies because they believe that the soul cannot be free as long as the body is there, it tries to be around the body! If same is true for animal soul, then souls are suffering near the deep refrigerators around the world! Suffering souls can cause intangible damages to human being! 

Is there any theological/religious aspect? All prophets, avatars, saints preached for vegetarianism, because killing God's children for food takes a human being away from God, the very eternal source of every living being!

Buddha taught killing is the beginning of all human sufferings!
Jesus was against meat eating and animal sacrifice! His message was "Thou shalt not kill"!
Muhammad always told his followers that Angels come down where vegetables are in abundance! He asked the person to kill animal by his own hand, looking at its eyes and making sure it doesn't cry! He thought whoever sees the pain of a slaughtered animal and hears the last cries for life would quit eating meat! Many Jewish leaders advocate vegetarianism and Torah has always insisted on humane treatment of animals!

Most religions forbid eating meat everyday so that body can cleans the toxicity!
Krishna told in Bhagabad Geeta that a person can learn all about Yoga, but the self realization would be covered by the unfinished Karma of the animals who possess most part of the body for all non-vegetarians! According to Krishna - everything emanates from 'The Supreme Source', and is linked eternally via field (electromagnetic?)! Anyone can attain the level of Universal Consciousness realizing the binding of soul (universal unit/identity), mind, and the body connected by the same field.

Vegetarianism is the way to Nirvana, self realization and beyond, while facilitating peaceful co-existence on earth and throughout the universe.



[Here is a good site: Great Vegetarian Recipes (ignore egg and fish whenever mentioned)]