[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]


Judgment Day

(Dedicated to a conscious secular neighbourly world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com) 



People of multifaith died from sudden earthquake!

Souls in disbelief realizing what happened

Yet many were relishing thoughts of heaven

While some were terrified imagining hell!


Elsewhere wars broke out

Shutting life killing brothers and sisters!

Victims bewildered from sudden termination

Helplessly hovering earth waiting in line for transition!


All still sad leaving loved ones behind in a mess!

Rushed to board strange vehicles

Marked bright for heaven and dark for hell

Routed by the guards reading signs in the foreheads!


Soon they started journey towards heaven and hell!

Experienced bumpy rides smelling incense

Listened to the glory of virtuous peaceful life

Demeaning violence, sins, and wars alike!

Gradually fog disappeared, darkness lightened,

Finally they landed back in their known planet

Wondered, can’t be true, it’s a mistake!


Earthquake victims landed in tropical paradise!

War victims reborn as peacemakers

Invaders got home among sufferers from wars

Constantly running for life without pleasures!


Only to hear the voice -

Behold, I judge you every day, by every moment

As you breathe, by your work and deeds!


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[When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens need take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony. Kolki]


[It’s a fight for Truth & justice against Lies & injustice which is the law of causation! This is a decisive moment in history and all humans must strive to fight for truth with their Heavenly power inside so that they can live heavenly life on Earth with peaceful possessions and truthful vocations! God (universal loving expression) bless our beloved world and all sentient being. Kolki]


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