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(Dedicated to Universal Consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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We may think of time

Advancing in a straight line

From the beginning to end of time

Interpreting death as end of life!


But time moves in nature as cyclic events

Like Earth’s rotation brings daily rhythm

Moon’s phases repeat again and again

Tides recede only to appear with new strength!


Deciduous shed leaves only to be greener with new stems

Perennials hibernate for the right heat and rain

Electrons protons combine as neutron again

Water becomes vapour, snow, ice, and liquid

Energy lost is energy gain in evolutionary chain!




Thus end is apparent perception of visibility

Based on mind body nature connectivity! 

Every end starts a new beginning

Sometimes tangible, often intangible as it is evolving -

As soul reincarnates in foetus of sentient being

Or gets free out of worldly bondage of solidarity

Being highly energised packet of mobility

Defying inviting gravitation, persuasive ionospheric energy

For new manifestations in distant galaxies!


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Universal Consciousness

When true love is realized, nothing can be harmed knowingly because every sentient being has its own spirit/soul for further evolution through re-incarnation based on karmic ability. Kolki