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(Dedicated to Friendship Day, (Written at Sayward Hill Golf Club, June 2006, Victoria) Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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I needed a hug

You sent wonderful breeze in sudden gust!

I needed warmth

You rose as the Sun!

I lost all faith

You showed me the universal light I can bathe!

I needed companion

You became all beings with loving emotions!

I was hungry

You offered fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables, milk and honey!

I felt tired and sleepy

You laid out bed of grass under trees!

I was without a home

You gave me the world in your universal abode!

I was craving to feel your presence

You gave me the vision to see you as omnipresent!

I wanted to express gratitude for everything

You reminded me your love is unconditional eternal blessings!


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