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(Dedicated to true worldwide love and friendship – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com ]


[Hope Valentine’s Day spreads the message of true worldwide love and friendship – Kolki]

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If you ever feel depressed

Or demoralized from many stress

Or have doubts on your own self

Or lose faith in life itself

Remember that someone somewhere –

Eagerly waiting to be your soulmate!

Wishes to inspire your loving thoughts expressed

Prays for you during sunrise and sunset

Cares for you in every heartbeat and breath -

Always wants you to be at your best

Sees your smile in every flower that blooms

Relishes your beauty in wonders as they loom

Hears your voice in bird songs and thunderous booms!


So, my friend, never lose heart being upset

Rather believe in what is your best

Help steer your life the way you see the goal -

Displaying your clean, glowing and spontaneous soul

Winning hearts with free smile, wisdom and vision!


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