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(Dedicated to a world marching along the path of forward evolutionDeepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Let us embrace everything best for our world minimizing exploitation and maximizing united celebrations. Kolki]


Best wine is on the vine

Best food is made without killing any kind

Best drink is water from spring – warm, chilled, or as ice

Best sound is in storms and rain drops rhyme!


Best music is bird’s call and chanting for divine

Best songs are lovers’ silent craving inside

Best games end with joy without a sigh

Best cars are hydrogen-solar-electric clean and quiet!


Best toys are pets playing in yard or in the wild

Best job is to earn living clean with pride

Best teachers always honestly criticise

Best neighbourhoods ensure trees are plenty standing high!


Best book teaches truth for evolutionary rise

Best religion is non-violent extension of science

Best celebration is giving with open mind

Best friend is a caring spouse for whole life!


Best house is a cottage in the countryside

Best Government is open, honest, and kind

Best leaders communicate to break the ice

Best ideology is serving beings with a smile!


Best intelligence is open enlightenment  

Best initiatives are for peace in friendliness

Best technology adds to life without threats

Best celebrities working to make life on Earth very best! 


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[We want best things for us and our children in the industrial and technological world but are we being led by the best people of our time politically, economically, industrially, technologically, culturally, scientifically, religiously and philosophically? Food for thought from Kolki]


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Best intelligence is open enlightenment (in ecstasy) worldwideJ