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True Friend

(Dedicated to Worldwide Friendship Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Let love, mercy and mutual understanding be the tools for 21st Century World Diplomacy'- Kolki]


A true friend believes in

Once a friend means always a friend!

That good times are to relish friendship -

And bad times are to test the limit!

That distance merely keeps them apart -

Because the feelings are deep inside the heart!


A true friend enjoys the very existence -

Expressing unconditional loving thoughtfulness!

Appreciating inner and physical qualities

Bringing out the very best of abilities!

Enriching mind with true vision

Through constructive criticism elevating wisdom -

Enlightening the path toward freedom!


A true friendship is above all social limitations -

Crossing barriers of space, time, and superstitions!

Recognizing the souls bound by cosmic links!

Succeeding severe challenges of stormy whirl!

Believing in eternal compassion and forgiveness!

A true friend is a friend in deed -

Always standing by to respond to a need!


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