[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]



(Dedicated to universal consciousness - Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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[It is always worth being nice to fellow beings at home or afar because we may not have a chance to serve later! Kolki]


Another morning fresh start!

Cleaning with tooth brush and shower

Usual breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner

Pride in makeup, dress up, possession, and career!


Another drive or ride through traffic lights

Rushing to meeting at nine or keep schedule in time

Cursing at toll booth, freeway jam, cancelled flight

Another sigh of relief, thanking God, gain is in sight!


Another notice for Christmas or Festive lunch

Lesser bonus-benefit for downsizing-outsourcing scam

Quarrel during promotion or contract renewal

Gift for Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Farewell or Reward!


Another death in family, colleague or neighbour

Old-age sufferings in home or hospital

Car jacking, accident, police chase fatal

Drive by shooting hurt unknown dreams shattered!


Another urge to buy lottery!

Wondering how few people get so lucky

What makes some billionaires very quickly

How Stock market, Funds, grow while most lose money?


Another election, chance to make things better

Hijacked by media polling, speculations, fuelled by Defense contracts

Another rally for green and peace effort

Sidetracked by analysts spreading biased economic fear!


Another check up with family physician!

Worry about cholesterol, hormone, and blood sugar -

Gum disease, toothache, new lens for eye sight

Test for heart, prostrate, or menopausal; remind body aging fragile!

Brain confused, surface diffused but mind still alive!


Another new car, new furniture

Another uneasy move to new home by peer pressure

Another war with lies of war-on-terror

Another Holocaust, war crimes, unpunished closed chapter!


Another laughter, sharing drinks, together

Trip to health resort or monastery to feel better

Siren from ambulance, police, and fire truck

This time they are carrying me on stretcher!


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(Written at Tillicum mall, Victoria, BC, Oct 29, 2006)

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There is nothing called ‘loss’ in life except violent unnatural event causing untimely death or severed body part(s). The industrial world teaches us from childhood to gain many illusionary things which only help maintain status-quo (endless slavery of the masses) for the economic gains of a few elites & nobles and their future generations. Kolki


No one knows when death comes, how! That’s why wise spends every moment to learn and serve merrily before saying good-bye! Kolki