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Who am I?

(Dedicated to universal consciousness – from Soul point of view)

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I am not a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or Christian

Not a Jew, Sikh, Manichean or Zoroastrian!

Without a country of origin, race, or religion

Have no passport, visa, or personal identification

Beyond all classification and recognition 

Covering a physical body as shadow companion

Merely passing through another leg of journey towards salvation!

Traversing World for knowledge to achieve global vision -

I am an inseparable part of eternal blissful expression

Born again as Human for heavenly reunion!


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Spiritualism cannot be fully explained biologically because the soul doesn’t reside inside the body rather embraces the physical body although subtly linked with the biological development based on all aspect of yoga that conditions mind! Kolki


Spiritualism leads to ultimate consciousness of truth invigorating vision for real science of existence, creation, sustenance and evolution beyond the limitation of politically motivated modern academic/applied material and physical science. Kolki


Consciousness is everywhere what I call "Universal Bliss Link"; Realizations pour in as soon as one gets resonated with the link preparing mind and body for acceptance freeing brain from usual diversions and burden of unthinkable material knowledge acquired to survive and succeed in the industrial world. Kolki