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(Dedicated to a truthful world co-existing enjoying forward evolution – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[This Poem is based on historical facts and assuming truth in Genesis and Bible per claim – Kolki]


[Ever wonder about Bush/Blair’s Papal visits before and after Iraqi invasion as well as worldwide Evangelical enthusiasm for ongoing Crusades? Well, Pope also thought Hitler was the second coming of Christ! Pope also saw the Victory sign in Cross! Aren’t these enough food for thought? Kolki]


Neanderthals never totally disappeared

Despite annihilation efforts by the Aryans, Israelites, and Barbarians!

When most men, women, and children were assassinated

By invading armies in Heavenly God’s images

Sparing only the pure virgins for fast reproductive advantage!

So one can say, ‘Many men are from other living planet(s)’ –

While most women are original Earthly loving assets!


Thus some Neanderthals still surviving as half human masses!

Others escaped triggering diasporic migration to safe heavens

As surviving family with children left in silence

Moving to mountains and far away coastal villages

Taking along with them the culture and religious practices

Preserving ancient knowledge in distant places!


Most prisoners were killed with tortures, bodies were mutilated!

Some were fried and boiled alive as victories celebrated!

Thumbs and big toes were cut off before their eyes

Skulls were fractured as they were still alive!

That’s why archaeological sites discover horrific demise

While Neanderthal cremation with rituals still survive!


Without expensive illusive scholarly finds

One can see clearly Neanderthal builds around in sight!

In Africa, India, China, Korea, Japan, and South-East Asia

Mexico, Mongolia, Middle East, Serbia, and Siberia

Among Aboriginals of Australia, New Zealand, and America!


Neanderthal expressions are humble, free from strategic interests

Encourage compassion, kindness, ensuring peaceful co-existence!

This is the truth Vatican trying to hide distorting Biblical events

Hijacking loving Semite Jesus with deadly Non-Semite crosses

Burying ancient universal scientific knowledge in darkness

Justifying killings and abuses as Inquisition and Crusades

Each time old world tries to re-establish egalitarian heaven!


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[There is no Heaven in the sky! Earth was Heaven when colonialists and their evangelists didn’t convert parts of it as Hell while motivating the slaves work harder to reach a fictitious better place “Heaven = Haven”! End of Monarchy and related colonialisms can re-establish lost Heaven on Earth, a place without borders, class, divisions, and supremacist orders! Kolki]