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(Dedicated to an Egalitarian Democratic World – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Every time I saw a small bird nesting

Having babies without doctors, nurses, and hospital bills

Surviving and enjoying life in storms, snow and rain

Without additional clothes, heating or cooling -

I knew humans could survive, but not the fittest!


Every time I saw/heard Canadian Geese flying at night

Alone or as a team for a distant flight

Navigating towards destination without compass or light

I knew humans could survive, but not the fittest!


Every time I watched a small spider creating web

Out of nothing except own sap and legs

Then resting in the centre to catch preys

Enjoying own creation at its best -

I knew humans could survive, but not the fittest!


Every time a seed germinated in the soil or water

Grew as plant or trees withstanding disasters

Shed leaves for the winter only to be reborn in vigour

I knew humans could survive, but not the fittest!


Every time I looked at small sparrows playing in the snow

When I was feeling cozy in heated home among clothes

I knew humans could survive, but not the fittest!


… … … … …


Fittest are natural knower who exercise self power

Without unlearning instincts to technological slave work!

Endless dependency only makes humans enslaved and weaker

As generations strive for expensive and competitive future!


Birds travelling thousands of miles without rest

Navigating at night over deserts and oceans

Even a fruit fly does everything, more than I crave

Eat, meet, multiply and even fly without much rest!


After I leave -

Many animals and birds will outlive me

Shrubs and trees I planted

Would be surviving and serving merrily

Without disturbing and destroying natural harmony -

Of course, if they are not victim of modern industry!


Thus, the slogan ‘Survival of the fittest’

Resonates very well with Eugenic1 quest

For aristocrative exploitation of the masses

With population control whenever needed -

Encouraging supremacist ideology at the best!


Darwin’s theory is flawed with fundamental mistake

Yet remains unchallenged in royal heritage   

Discovered while travelling on Royal H.M.S Beagle

Visiting American and African Islands collecting smaples

Hypothesised in “Origin of Species”

“The Survival of The Fittest”

Without realizing evolution doesn’t leave any trace!


[1. The ideology behind the axiomatic belief that leads to the systematic elimination of groups of people can be traced back to the work of Reverend Thomas Malthus (1766-1834).  Thomas Malthus, an employee of the British East India Company, had determined that the world was too small for mankind, that mankind's population needs to be scaled back artificially.  Francis Galton (1822-1911), the cousin of Charles Darwin's, added to this theory (on the strength of Darwin's theory of evolution) by proposing that the 'culling' of humanity should logically begin by eliminating the weakest elements of society, such as the poor, the sick, the primitive elements, etc...  His proposition became the doctrine of eugenics, which in turn was used by many agencies to shape the axioms of humanity to enable large scale murder.]

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Eugenics, the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed "unfit," preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype was born in England as a scientific curiosity in the Victorian age (1863) but rapidly Baptized  The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics


Fig. Charles Darwin: What’s wrong with Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” after visiting few South American and Caribbean Islands to see Evolution? Evolution is subtle doesn’t leave any trace which creation does! Thus his theory is based upon his Biblical vision of Creation and NOT Evolution!

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[There is every cause for celebrating united efforts towards one world; but fellow world citizens must stand tall to ensure that world is not ruled from the underworld with Mafia like Covert Intelligence agencies, Bilderberg like secret Aristocratic[1] Constitutional Monarchy and Vatican like intruding Evangelical Supremacy – whose only aim is to continue Oligarchy! Kolki]


[Terrorism can never be fully addressed without eliminating brutal military terrorism! Kolki]

"Only tyrants can take a nation to war without the consent of the people. The planned war against Iraq without a Declaration of War is illegal. It is unwise because of many unforeseen consequences that are likely to result. It is immoral and unjust, because it has nothing to do with US security and because Iraq has not initiated aggression against us." —Congressman Ron Paul


Do we need a UN Security Council and an International Court which cannot Punish War Criminals in Bush, Blair and Howard Administrations for illegally attacking and destroying sovereign peaceful Iraq, killing and displacing millions? Kolki