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Good Neighbor

(Dedicated to friendly neighborhoods throughout the world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Say Hi, share a smile

Whenever neighbors passing by

Find out who they are

Inviting home for tea or cider!


Exchange holiday greetings

Respect religious beliefs

Ignore political views

Enjoy cheers sharing good news!


Celebrate occasions together

Taste new food and culture!

Spice your life with whatever differs

Feel the joy of united hearts!


Buy champagne or cake

Bake some cookies or bread

As neighbors leave or come afresh

Extend good-bye or welcome to celebrate!


Busy with chores, schedule too tight?

Not so well or passing hard time?

Just say hello or wave hands high

So they feel at home harmonized!


Be always nice to fellow beings

Known or just new in town site seeing!

Show your kind heart and gentle smile

Lest you never see them again in lifetime!


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