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Participatory Democracy

(Dedicated to true democratic world where people vote for real issues – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )


[What good is expensive multi-party election where media reign, many don’t vote and country is ruled my minority ideology supported by military and non-elected private “Think Tanks = Philosopher-Kings” destroying true democracy and emboldening Monarchial Oligarchy! It is time elections are held on issues best for the country and the worldKolki]


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[If USA is really serious about democratizing the world, why not start with The United Kingdom, the main colonizing force, its tributaries1 (including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Luxembourg) and accessories (including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Jordon, Bhutan, and Japan). Last but not least USA must have a Central Election Commission and all Senators must be chosen by elections to eradicate Philosopher Kings whose allegiance are to The United Kingdom of Israel. Kolki]


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Let us recollect our memory

About the very definition of Democracy!

If three out of five agree –

Majority prevails without much controversy!


Now assume a fictitious country

Of one million people with voting eligibility

But only 60% cast votes with legitimacy

And a party wins 55% of 60% total ballot casting, claiming majority

That makes 33% people celebrating victory!

Often 20-25% of split votes ruling in reality

Making decisions for the majority as undemocratic minority

Giving in to the authoritative Intelligence and military!


Thus the due process in Multi-Party Democracy

Divides people in the line of the party

Encourages obedience to ideology as loyalty

And the party stance takes priority over the country!

Often helping issues hijacked from behind by pre-emptive military

Strengthening corporate elites against national, international - integrities!


Now, imagine a world without any political party

Citizens vote for candidates on issues good for the country!

No one is running a campaign with ideology

Only with solutions and methodology for a better society

On issues compiled by election agency -

As pre-election national survey for local and federal constituencies!


Thus media won’t hijack issues with diversions derogatory

Private poll stars can’t speculate anymore relentlessly

Tax issues dealt by accountants and crime by Judiciary

No place for political hypocrisy, just honesty and simplicity!

No need for endorsement, party line voting or lobbying

Parliament not a mockery of partisan politics and infighting

No assassinations - physical or character, ruining friends and family!


It is simple like nation wide trivial examination

Where ballots are not just a tick mark but evaluation!

Voters are markers judging candidate’s knowledge on issues and resolutions

 For all municipal, provincial, and national general election!


Election is fought over five** most important issues

Making election day(s) holiday(s) for deliberation of views -

When media is absolutely committed for election coverage

Ensuring voters have chances to view and hear the debates!

Making voting a mandatory participatory game

Cities, Provinces or States, run primaries with issues as appropriate

Five top scorers are selected for the general debate

Then voters go to polls to mark candidates!

Top scorer wins based on issues weighted average –

Has option for joining provincial or central government

2nd place will take the option not taken by the 1st place.


The top scorers who opted for the central government –

Would debate on five most important national and global interests!

All countrywide elected members would evaluate their speeches -

Again the top scorer is eligible as prime minister or president

Runner up would be Deputy Prime minister or Vice President!

They will form cabinet with team members again based on weighted average

No elected member must be without a portfolio or committee associates!


Five top scorers from province or state –

Would debate on issues important for local-federal interface!

And all elected members would mark their scores on the debate

Making the top scorer as the Governor or Premier,

The runner up as Lieutenant Governor or Deputy Premier

Both will select cabinet from the members based on weighted average!


If every nation on Earth follows this principle

Irrespective of the size of the population

There will be no need for wars for competition

No one will party while many suffering from destruction and starvation

A world free from physical and character assassination

No pre-emptive strikes at the United Nation or distant mission!


A happy world live among neighbourly communion

Recognizing partition inflicted geographic limitation

Sharing each other’s art, industry, science and religion

Keeping diplomacy alive with honest and friendly discussion

Enjoying the vastness of worldwide cultural evolution

Watching civilization evolves without discrimination –

Solving issues progressively in peaceful union

Establishing Heaven on Earth for eternal salvation!


** - May vary as appropriate! This is a Draft which would evolve……

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