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(Let love, mercy and mutual understanding be the tools of 21st Century World Diplomacy.....Kolki)



(Dedicated to Mother’s Day appreciating everything motherly including beloved Planet EarthDeepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Oh Mother Earth!

Bestow upon us the energy of fire!

Help us rise above shyness, greed, and fear!

Warm our hearts as we breathe truth so dear -

Make our mind logical, thoughtful, and clear!


Oh Loving Power! Reveal your messages for co-existence!

Alas! We fight wars and destroy delicate Eco system –

Despite you made us creative and intelligent!

Enlighten us to feel heavenly bliss in non-violence!


Oh dearest Living Planet!

Energize us with your evolving secrets -

Of overcoming poverty, supremacy, and global hazards -

A simple methodology of selfless love and care!


Let our united minds spread Mother’s Day messages

That civilization excels with joyous selflessness!

Ensuring a World Court unbiased towards all races,

A United Nations vocal against all violence,

World Health Organization free from pandemic alliance,

Religions enjoy separation of Church and State,

Intelligence means open enlightenment!

Recognizing War is destruction of life irrespective of label,

Power becomes Super embracing Total Excellence!


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It’s a fight for Truth & justice against Lies & injustice which is the law of causation! This is a decisive moment in history and all humans must strive to fight for truth with their Heavenly power inside so that they can live Heavenly life on Earth with peaceful possessions and truthful vocations! Kolki


[Intelligence shrouded in secrecy leading to military within military, country within a country, state within a state, city within a city, community within a community, with special immunity?  Kolki]


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When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens' needs take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating Human Rights – Kolki

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Love is the ultimate security which does not require expensive idle mischievous covert intelligence, violent military, destructive Defense industries, and divisive ideologies! Kolki