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(An Urgent Plea To World Citizens)


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Before addressing stress and conflict as well as their management and resolution we must try our best to define what is stress in the civilized industrial world - especially its sources and why we have so many violent conflicts as Humans despite overall peace loving consciousness!

Why do we have so much stress in civilized industrial world?


(Dedicated to naturally healthy life style – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Stress starts -

When a baby arrives and can’t breathe fresh air

When States avoid responsibilities leaving citizens under market care

When politicians can’t speak truth they want to share

When people live life ignoring lies maintaining status quo unfair

When teachers, students and labourers lose bargaining power!


Stress builds up silently -

When communities worry constantly about job and security

When voters know election is a media game and monopoly

When citizens suffer helplessly as nations build mightier military

When female takes birth control pills in fear of pregnancy

Shaves all over throughout summer as norm of society!


Stress gets hyper -

When lottery jackpot is too high to ignore a share

Jobs are moving wherever real-estate is cheaper

Porn industry is invading home with cheers

Loyal politicians allowing guns outside registers

Military starting another war ignoring polls and voters!


Stress is in full gear -

When Inflation rising despite low wages for labourers

Crimes exploding to feed prison industry barriers

Genetically modified foods wiping out natural growers

Robots replacing humans faster and faster!

Techno-Economy helping rich become richer quicker -

At the cost of irreversible destruction of Planet Earth!


Having born in an industrial civilized (? rather economically enslaved) world is stressful! But one can still have a meaningful life converting negative stress to positive stress as impetus for visionary enlightenment! Kolki


Often people suffer from unnecessary stress for obtaining additional material pleasures without fully appreciating what they already possess! Kolki


Imagine if Buddha or Jesus had to worry about illness! Like animals and birds human can solve most health problems staying active, clean, eating healthy and avoiding/managing stress! Kolki 


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Why do we have so many violent conflicts as Humans despite overall peace loving consciousness?


(Dedicated to a naturally free world void of colonizing borders – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


[Conflicts among humans on Earth natural, meant to be resolved humanely; military interventions only make conflicts cancerous! Kolki]


Human life on Earth is all about conflict -

Whatever we do ends up creating it, often unknowingly!

During gardening –

We take conflict to Earth warms and existing roots

Lawn mowing is like a surprise attack on grasses happily growing

Raking fall leaves deprives insects and birds from warmth in cold days

Cultivation means also deforesting!


Professional sports can be seen as competing conflicts

At work we try to resolve conflicts

Rewards and recognitions often add to it…

Most religions are about conflicting philosophy

Politics about conflicting ideology

Landlords create conflicts to confiscate land and property

Monarchs inflict conflict to democracies

Running virtual military regime as Constitutional Monarchy!


National security, if exposed, creates citizens vulnerability

New language imposed on people create conflict for superiority

Illegal sanctions against countries stimulate conflicts among communities!  


Biblical events are full of conflicts

So are Valmiki (Balmiki) and Homer’s epics!

Conflict is embedded in the Bible as God’s covenants

Occupying ancient Canaan for the vassals

Blessing them for multiplications and expansion

To rule the promise world -

At the cost of death and destruction of the earthly Semites!


Conflict for the bread and butter replaced God by the Lords

As the vassals fought for possessions

Whether its land or capitalist corporate treasures

Keeping rivalry alive for Lord’s pleasures!


Fishing trips bring conflict to lakes and oceans

Hunting trips spread conflicts in the forests

Eco tourism legally terrorizes species

But Zionists can really take conflicts to the natives –

Imposing dominating rules encouraging divisive motives –

Against natural freedom and cultural bliss!


Planet Earth


How can we avoid most religious conflicts? Accepting and embracing the true definition of Religion!



(Dedicated to universal consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Religion is the culture of a civilization

Along with all celebrations and education

Including practices which may appear superstition

Tied to mythology, history, and natural intuition!


World religions should be like buffet (buh-FAY) vision

Everyone can take a look at them with inquisition

Taste them; practice them for chemistry of acquisition

Enjoying best of everything for self realization

Eventually developing one’s own religion

Which is universal within one’s boundary conditions!


Evangelism makes slaves out of religion

Barring people from inherited wisdoms

Making one self-censored limited in vision

Arousing baptised-union for victorious mission

Marring Earth with Holy Wars against the very creation!


Religions on Earth may compete to claim whose God is Supreme, but labeling God as Supreme only separates God from everything! Kolki




How Can We Resolve Most International Conflicts Peacefully? Understanding Each Other With Honest and Progressive Diplomacy!



(Dedicated to Internationl Day of Human Rights – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Let love, mercy and mutual understanding

Be the tools for world diplomacy

Bridging all the gaps and barriers

Created by military dominance and supremacy!


A pen is mightier than a sword

Let us prove once more

A mind above doubts and fear -

Can break the ice, ‘status quo’, forever!


A heart which eager to love

Can win enemy as friends

The ears which ready to listen

Ignore all strategic military intelligence!


When arms are ready to embrace

Thoughts are energised in optimism -

All human problems find solutions

In honestly brokered communication!


'Let love, mercy, and mutual understanding be the tools for 21st Century World Diplomacy' …

....Sayings of Kolki     (Book/E-Book)


       One World      Participatory Democracy      Pre-Emptive       Global Solidarity


How can we sustain Super Power ambition without bullies and massive violent Military and expensive unproductive weapons of mass destruction? Allowing each country to be Super Power for two years by turn supervised by a Super Power Committee formed by selected thoughtful leaders by vote from member nations!


Universal Super Power

(Dedicated to a united world living in peace void of fear and sufferings from dominance and supremacy – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


As the divided parts of the Earth

Became countries with border

Competition grew among each other

Resulting in domination as Super Power!

Using resources and assets of lesser power

Leading to military race with defensive posture

Stockpiling weapons of mass destructions

Requiring war to replenish new high-tech weapons

Destroying neighbourly trust of peaceful resolutions!


But the problem can be an opportunity for final solution

Enabling disarmament beyond doubts & fear of verification

Making United Nations as the final authority of mutual arbitration

Where each country rules the world in periodic fashion

Making it a sport for Super Power ambition -

With only goodwill and goodness toward world citizens in notion

Reviving healthy competition for cooperative compassion! 


Countries stay the same for government and infrastructure

But the need to protect border disappear

Defense spending shrinks reducing taxes, homeless, and hunger

Trust among neighbours restore friendly atmosphere

Conflicts get resolved in board rooms or amusement parks

UN peace keeping forces become the only International Guards!


Qualifications for leaders are very straight forward -

Don’t have to be lawyers, professors, doctors or engineers

Profound knowledge of world history and culture -

Proven record of pre-emptive will to serve -

Competitive mind toward good will of care -

Proud soul for making world better as the Universal Super Power!


[Evangelism led to colonialism and domination dividing people leading to endless fortified borders around the world guarding ideology and religion! As the world tries to shed differences and live as democratic United Nations (UN) expansion of Monarchial NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is UN’s destruction!  World must act united against Super Power Alliance acting like a rogue country possessing most weapons of mass destruction (WMD)! Kolki]


How can we maintain a more or less political and military conflict free world? By teaching every children following simple songs or similar in every language from early childhoodJ


<Click for Song, Voice of Kolki>

Plants and animals

(And) Birds and Ocean lives –

One and complete evolution!


Together sharing

And caring for each other –

We can keep world one and complete!

Co-exist in peace and harmony!



<Click For Song, Voice of Kolki>

 Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All the Way

O What a Fun to Celebrate Life in Heavenly Way!


Loving each other

Caring for every soul

Sharing this world of ours in every which way!


Keeping world safe

Respecting (to) everyone's rights

No arms conflict among us

Just peace in harmony!


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When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens' needs take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating Human Rights - Kolki

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