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An Urgent Plea

Poem: Dangerous World Situation
To World Leaders & Politicians, Academics & Scholars, Scientists & Technologists, Lawyers & Law Keepers, Bankers & Investors, Religious Leaders & Preachers, Media Owners & Anchors, Labourers and all other World Citizens -
Poem: Why They Fight?
"Haven't we seen enough rule by Nobles, Elites & Bankers as Hunters & Gatherers since the deceiving Trojan War - building mighty violent military, invading peaceful City-States & Countries, killing abusing and enslaving other kinds, and looting their property & treasury - creating endless Diaspora of once settled ancient people on Earth?
With the advent of good science & technology, commerce & industries, telecommunications and transportations, telebanking & internet publishing
- isn't it time that we all enjoy this world of ours with sharing & caring, mutual love & respect, truthful vocations and peaceful possessions - as the 'New World Order' winning over Eugenic covert deceptions of secretive Bilderberg & it's Monarchial Alliance which has been sustaining greedy exploitation and related Pandemic pollution with expensive violent military expansion for selective population control leading to Evangelic 'End of the World'? Food for thought from Kolki     

Poems: Heir        

The Big Picture –

Exposing what’s causing unnecessary conflicts and wars depriving world citizens from heavenly life on Earth and why?

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