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(Dedicated to naturally healthy life style – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Stress starts -

When a baby arrives and can’t breathe fresh air

When States avoid responsibilities leaving citizens under market care

When politicians can’t speak truth they want to share

When people live life ignoring lies maintaining status quo unfair

When teachers, students and labourers lose bargaining power!


Stress builds up silently -

When communities worry constantly about job and security

When voters know election is a media game and monopoly

When citizens suffer helplessly as nations build mightier military

When female takes birth control pills in fear of pregnancy

Shaves all over throughout summer as norm of society!


Stress gets hyper -

When lottery jackpot is too high to ignore a share

Jobs are moving wherever real-estate is cheaper

Porn industry is invading home with cheers

Loyal politicians allowing guns outside registers

Military starting another war ignoring polls and voters!


Stress is in full gear -

When Inflation rising despite low wages for labourers

Crimes exploding to feed prison industry barriers

Genetically modified foods wiping out natural growers

Robots replacing humans faster and faster!

Techno-Economy helping rich become richer quicker -

At the cost of irreversible destruction of Planet Earth!


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Having born in an industrial civilized (? rather economically enslaved) world is stressful! But one can still have a meaningful life converting negative stress to positive stress as impetus for visionary enlightenment! Kolki


Often people suffer from unnecessary stress for obtaining additional material pleasures without fully appreciating what they already possess! Kolki


Imagine if Buddha or Jesus had to worry about illness! Like animals and birds human can solve most health problems staying active, clean, eating healthy and avoiding/managing stress! Kolki 


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