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(Dedicated to Universal Self Realization Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Note: The words in the chanting are primordial sounds derivatives of OM and not physical Gods or Goddesses! So, one can use it irrespective of inherited/acquired religion or belief system]


Open your mind

Come in to your inner self

Sit Down in quiet

Light a candle in front and/or incense

Close your eyes and utter OM+ (a..u..m..) opening mouth

Feel the bliss-link with the divine

Omnipresent, omnipotent, all encompassing, eternal

Irrespective of inherited faith, culture, and religion

Repeating OM lingering as long as you feel comfortable

Sustaining it with HREEM1, SHREEM2, KREEM3 seed mantras!

(Listen to Kolki)


Once used to utter OM without much effort

Try# OM Sat Chit Aananda Param Brahma

Purushothama Paramaatma

Shree Bhagavathi Sametha, Shree Bagavathe Namah!

Visualize duality of the divine behind all creative evolution

As Yin-Yang, Male-Female, Gu-Ru, Electron-Proton

Derivatives of Harekrishna-Hareraam, Shreeradha-Govinda!

(Listen to Kolki)


During walking alone or jogging

Idling spare time or even when driving

Praying for the beloved or general well being

Utter^ (Listen to Kolki)

Harekrishna Harekrishna Krishnakrishna Harehare

Hareraama4 Hareraama Raamaraama HareHare!

Relieve your stress or anger from traffic jam

Or happenings around rather unnatural

Being attuned with this loving message universal

Traversing as the fundamental wave transcendental!


Face the morning Sun

Touch both palms together finger to finger

In the form of Namaskar

Then utter (Listen to Kolki)

OM Jabakusuma Sankasham Kashyapeyam Mahadhyutim

Dhantareem Sarva Papagnyam Pronatashmi Divakaram

Eight times to be like Sun -

Harnessing selfless energy to serve!


Part II


How one knows the fruit of meditation?

On practicing the above with devotion

The chanting will come from within as companion

Whenever alone working, walking, gardening or jogging

Eventually resonating with the breathing

Experiencing need for external entertainment die slowly

Known songs and music will acquire words of Chanting

Anger, frustration, ego will give into joy of serving

Heart full of love for all sentient being

Mind free from burden of fear/revenge relishing mercy

Soul blissfully eager in realizing Truth behind every happening!

Does one need a Guru for self-realization?

One would be lucky to have/find one

But can certainly treat this poem as GURU in virtual

For customised5 consciousness without paying donation/remuneration!


Written: October 10, 2011;

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Author: Deepak Sarkar, 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3T2, Canada; Tel/Fax: 250-412-2897;

E-Mail: Deepak.Sarkar@ieee.org; Poetry & Peace Web Site: www.kolki.com

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+ Auum = 1st letter of the swaravarna (au), fifth letter of swaravarna (u, pronounced woo), 25th letter of byanjanvarna (ma) of Sanskrit/Bengali Script

  1. Hri + Aum = Hreem; 2. Shri + Aum = Shreem; 3. Kri + Aum = Kreem; 4. Ra + Aum = Raum -> Raam/Ram

5. For meditation during walking or jogging one can use the poem Natural Rhythm to select

Words based on their Religion: http://www.kolki.com/poems/Natural-Rhythm.htm


# Moolamantra


^ Mahamantra


Consciousness is everywhere what I call "Universal Bliss Link"; Realizations pour in as soon as one gets resonated with the link preparing mind and body for acceptance freeing brain from usual diversions and burden of unthinkable material knowledge acquired to survive and succeed in the industrial world. Kolki


Consciousness is very subtle, even the tiny electron can free itself from the atomic bond gaining photons or can be more secured to the atom by losing photons. Kolki


Brahman is a state and each entity has its own state of Brahman which it strives to attain under favourable condition; Integration and accumulation of all the states of Brahman equate to Param Brahma - The ultimate state of Brahman - all inclusive - no one is fittest or chosen. Kolki


Universal Consciousness