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(Dedicated to all who suffer from civilized terror – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


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In the age of High Technology, do we need the World War II sound of terror in Police Cars, Ambulances, and Fire Trucks? Kolki


From dawn to dusk, night to morning -

Ambulances passing through city streets speeding

Police cars racing with emergency lights flashing

Fire trucks rolling through neighbourhood screaming

Horrifying animals, children, patients with unwanted warnings –

Reminding elderly constantly their time is nearing -

War-like sirens and scares just normal daily living!


Corporate managers busy running war rooms -

Brainstorming survivability in global rules!

Employees must take their best shots at the new bull* -

Staying on call with beepers, cell phones, being mindful!

Fearing competition, job security for family and breads –

Stress is normal like a doctor by the emergency bed!


Presidents-Prime Ministers get briefings of intelligence –

Which country is advancing beating analyst’s estimates!

Downsizing, outsourcing, subsidies to trades –

Blame the peacemakers knowing peace is a threat!

Identify leaders gaining stability in economic strength –

Justify more military spending for national interests!


People at bars and clubs, looking for a smoking gun

Children’s books to video games killing is just another fun

In news, movies, television, gossips, and theatres –

Crime is dominant so is suspicion of terror!

Homeland security, Air Marshals, Internet Fire Walls –

Bird Flu, SAR, Mad Cow Disease, War on Terror

Virus Pandemic as Swine Flu or on Computer -

NGOs, Red Cross+, Red Crescent, peace prize awards –

Peace Corp, Green Cross, NATO expansion, Weapons deadlier -

Normal life in our World is just readiness for another war!

*Stock Market

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+ Isn’t International Red Cross acting like Eugenic Evangelic since its’ inception in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Henry Dunant and Gustave Moynier, who were owner of the “Palestine Colonial Company” and the proponent of the Jewish State Israel? It was silent during WW I and WW II Holocaust and still holding 60+ million documents without any translation! It was silent during killings of Vietnamese and recently killings of 1+ million Iraqis and displacements of five millions! It has been silent for the 63,000.00 massacred in Mexico by Special Forces trained by US and Canadian military in the name of Drug Wars! Yet vocal about Syrian refugees from internal civil war! It profited hugely from 9/11 disaster without spending most of the donated money for the benefit of the victims and their family! Ironically, the Canadian Government (Constitutional Monarch) gave matching tax dollars to Red Cross to rebuild the country Haiti independently (bypassing government) which has been devastated by a predictable earth quake and related tsunami displacing mostly the coastal poor and unfortunate ones!   


Ever wonder why Monarchial Loyalists (Political Conservatives) are always for Wars and tough on crime deceiving own citizens making nations insolvent? Well, they want United British Empire to be the Hyperpower to own and secure all the resources of the world controlling population of the coined third world and maintaining enough loyal slaves as the guardian angels which would be obvious from the following:  


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How Active and Vigilant were US Military Before & On 9/11 for the Success of the Coup Hijacking Boeing Jets Remotely to hit (D)GPS Controlled Targets Precisely using FAA installed WAAS and LAAS technology?


Why Some American Elite Citizens Would Go To Any Extent To Block 9/11 Investigation?   Because They Want America To Be Part Of British Emperor – That is why West Appear to be War-Like despite many peace loving souls and diplomats?

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f9/CecilRhodes.jpg/170px-CecilRhodes.jpgCecil Rhodes who advocated in 1877 the British Empire re-annexing the United States of America and reforming itself into an "Imperial Federation" to bring about a hyperpower ….

To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the Islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire …..”  Rhodes included American students as eligible for the Rhodes scholarships. He said that he wanted to breed an American elite of philosopher-kings who would have the United States rejoin the British Empire.


[Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation all are masks behind that goal of colonization and systematic population control of the other kind imposing Genetically Modified Food, improper vaccination as well as dumping banned expensive medicines of the west with enormous side effects. Kolki]




There is every cause for celebrating united efforts towards one world; but fellow world citizens must stand tall to ensure that world is not ruled from the underworld with Mafia like Covert Intelligence agencies, Bilderberg like secret Aristocratic[1] Constitutional Monarchy and Vatican like intruding Evangelical Supremacy – whose only aim is to continue Oligarchy! Kolki


Do we need a UN Security Council and an International Court which cannot Punish War Criminals in Bush Administration, Blair and Howard Administrations including their Queen as commander-in-chief for illegally attacking and destroying sovereign peaceful Iraq, killing and displacing millions? Kolki       


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[How world can sustain Democracy when USA is heading for Martial Law aided by NATO Constitutional Monarchs and their Deceiving Peace Award?  Kolki]


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