How Air Marshals, Airport and Border Security, Can Stop Remote Control Military Hijacking or Flight Termination? (Deepak Sarkar, 1/17/2006)


US Air Marshals can kill mental patients, Congress can make borders prison like, Federal Aviation (FAA) can buy all expensive high radiation security equipments, but How Air Marshals, Airport and Border Security, can stop Remote Control Military Hijacking or Flight Termination?   


All 9/11 Boeing 757 and 767 Pilots could not send hijacking signals because their planes were taken over from ground by remote control ‘Home Run’ piggybacking Primary Channel of the automated Flight Control System and Keying on the Cockpit microphone.


On 9/11, Korean Airlines Boeing 747 over Alaska was sending hijacking signal not generated by the Pilot. On June 3, 2005Virgin Atlantic (VA) flight 45 A340-600 (London) was scrambled by fighter jets for sending false hijack signal without the knowledge of flight Captain. Then on August 02, 2005, Air France, Airbus Flight # 358 A340-313X, Toronto, Canada, Engines were shut off  during landing destroying the plane but miraculously without any death among passengers, frustrating Media, Bush Administration and war-like politicians who couldn’t equate the Canadian disaster to Suicide Bombers.


US and British Military had been flying military planes as drones since 1950. The current military technology is capable of hijacking or terminating any flights from the ground. There are innumerable private US, British, Israeli Defense companies working on Flight Termination Systems with public money from military budget. The only use of this technology is to fulfill geopolitical strategy harming even own citizens with terror for world supremacy.  


Recently declassified Operation Northwood is a perfect example where CIA and Pentagon had similar plan to blow off planes killing Americans while blaming Cuba!


On 9/11 morning, 8 a.m. onward,  US Military and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) were at the highest ‘State of Alert’ conducting Doomsday military exercise, code named “Global Guardian’ to deter any military attack against US, from Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha.  The exercise coordinated other military exercises, including Crown Vigilance (by Air Combat Command), Apollo Guardian (by US Space Command), and NORAD exercisesVigilant Guardian and Amalgam Warrior’. Any Passenger plane with Transponder off would be on NORAD’s and Pentagon’s big monitoring screens with alarms.


Thus, even a small fly couldn’t evade US military and NORAD eyes with non-responding transponder during the entire period of 9/11 disasters. North Eastern Air Defense Lt. Colonel Dawne Deskins frantically contacted FAA Boston Control Centre at 8:31 a.m. following normal procedure of immediate Fighter Plane scrambling (per 1st Air Force's own book about 9/11, the “sector commander [at NEADS] would have authority to scramble the airplanes.”).


But, Lt. Deskins probably didn’t know someone changed the protocol on 9/11 that all hijacking related fighter scrambling has to be authorized by FAA Hijack Coordinator, Mike Canavan,  who became ‘Out of Contact’ (sent to Puerto Rico) without any back up.


In other words on 9/11 morning when four Airplanes Transponders lost connection with the Air Traffic controllers one after another NORAD didn’t need to be notified, they saw them all on their big monitoring screens. Also, since those planes were Boeing 757 and 767, US military had all options to bring them down safely using Remote Control “Home Run”, piggybacking the primary channel of the Flight Management Systems.


On 9/11 FAA had an open channel with the White house security service beginning 8:45 a.m. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his Deputy Paul Wolfowitz were in Pentagon predicting a major hijacking of planes which would reaffirm Americas need for more defense budget. Terror Czar Richard Clarke was at the Ronald Regan House, two blocks from the White House. Mr. Fulton and his team at the CIA were running a pre-planned simulation game to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in Chantilly, Virginia—just four miles from Washington Dulles International Airport, from where Flight 77 took off and hit the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.  National Military Command Center (NMCC) Brigadier General Montague Winfield handed over responsibility to newly promoted Captain Charles Leidig  to preside over the entire 9/11 disaster.


White House, Pentagon, FAA and NORAD didn’t help those miserable flights rather ensured death and destruction to begin their campaign for “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”! That’s how 9/11 was terror attack masterminded at the White House Implemented from Pentagon!


Since 9/11 the world is a strange place where armed invisible Air Marshals travel in airplanes to kill Cessna Trained box cutter armed hijackers. People have to stand in long lines checking and opening luggage many times. And if one is traveling via London or USA they will get the treatment of cows and pigs passing though rope systems where unknown security personnel act like Sheppard! But no box cutters or disciples of Islamic Priests can harm world Airliners and helpless passengers more than US-British-Israeli military power and their Remote Control Terror.


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