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(Dedicated to all who suffer from human killings of convenience – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Killings are the beginning of all human sufferings

Taught by Buddha1 the enlightened king!

Love thy neighbour, Thou shall not kill,

Taught by the son of Bethlehem, Jesus2 the Nazarene!

Look at the eyes of your slaughter make sure they don’t cry

That’s how Prophet Muhammad3 preached far and wide!


Modern civilized Humans commit sins –

Killing legal quota of thousands of baby seals4

Seagulls and penguins for meat and fur industry needs

Slaughtering millions of cows for one Mad Cow Disease

Destroying ducks and chickens spreading bird flu terror synthetic

For competitive advantage of global poultry industries!

Poaching elephants, rhinos, monkeys, tigers and chimps

Hunting grizzly, quail, cuckoo, pheasants, deer and geese

Attacking countries beyond borders killing citizens at peace!


No matter how good war technology some scientists develop

Nuclear bombs, bunker busters or daisy cutters

Biological and chemical weapons, space heaters5 or lethal lasers

Earth penetrating bombs, biotech bacteria and virus6!


No matter how humanely military deliver

Deadly missiles as carefully filmed surgical strikes

Or frontal combat of bullets and machine gun fights

Killing own kind is nothing but brutal murderous sight!


Hunters may publicise with humane, gentle and kind masks

While hunting with clubs, riffles, knives, arrows, shot guns   

Knowing well that killing is never ‘Kosher’

Only inflicts cruel pains to helpless innocent sufferers!

Written 03/31/2006

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Once for all we must ask ourselves what made human the only animal who enjoys killing and destructing their own kind as well! Kolki


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