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Stock Market

(Dedicated to a natural free market of complimentary trades with enough competition and less duplication avoiding trade wars- Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )


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[Crusades and World Wars were needed whenever the economy of countries with Royalty and/or Constitutional Monarchy collapsed closing their financial institutions and threatening their economic supremacy! If the modern market is free, why do we need FED Chairman and speculators for constant manipulations as well as bail out from Congress? Kolki]


The bell rings each morning -

Except on weekends or holidays!

Signaling the opening of the market -

In the heart of most crowded cities.


Traders rush in to make their bids (day) -

As millions of shares change invisible hands

Making it a bull market or bear market -

Just like the happiness and sorrow of life!


The market grows on good ROI (return on investment) -

And shrinks when workers salaries go high!

The market hates full employment -

Fearing inflation may rise!

And it loves underemployment -

When workers work for less with a smile!


Politicians always worry about the market -

With economy and election in their mind!

They are always there to guard it from all evils -

Like a mother of a newborn child!


Human brain needs a steady pure blood supply -

Even a computer requires a stable power intake!

But, the fate of democratic free market must comply -

With an uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous stock market!!


Written: July 15, 1997, San Ramon, California, USA.

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[Grandpa told my father in British occupied India that war was good for economy, he meant British economy! WW II made USA superpower, the same economy urges them to start WW III to maintain it only to feed and care for 300 million people in a vast resourceful country! Isn’t it time to re-think? Kolki]

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