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Peace Activist

(Dedicated to all who suffer for peace missions Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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One who loves peace,

Works extra time for peace,

Tries to convince others the goodness in peace

Not yet desensitized with personal needs

Feels sufferings inflicted on innocent beings

By an invading army, militia, mercenary or arsonist

Often gets labelled as peace activist!


Authorities almost always treat them as terrorists!

Anti-social elements in media at best or cops list!

Ignoring threats on self, family and friends

Rising above humiliation during discussions and debates!

Challenging notions implanted by society’s creed and greed

Seeing beyond parents religious belief

Works alone or join team providing relief

Bringing solace refuge to those in need!

Effortlessly seeking truth and justice!


Busy worrying, helping, writing or protesting

Often forgets powerful eyes have been watching

Conspiring remote controlled suicide bombing

Carefully spying on every move and night staying

Writing suicide notes before slaying

At home, in a hotel room; while walking or jogging!

Emergency crew will cover the lifeless body

Few will remember as a great soul and buddy

Others will believe in rumour, news and stories!


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[World citizens, including Academics & Scholars, must not be naïve anymore! Illegal Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by US/Allied Forces were nothing less than real Terror and War Crimes. Unpunished for their heinous crime in 21st Century, the US military and Administration along with Israel are planning to repeat the crimes openly declaring their intention to strike against peaceful Iran as their option to Recolonize the entire world as “New World”, destroying ancient people, their vibrant creative cultures, and civilizations as collateral damages. It is time to remind world leaders that the world citizens know who have the most weapons of mass destruction and who use them conveniently violating international laws and using un-democratic United Nations.   We must never compromise rule-of-law and proof-of-conviction for the sake of true democracy and lasting peace.  Kolki]   


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Love is the ultimate security which does not require expensive idle mischievous covert intelligence, violent military, destructive Defense industries, and divisive ideologies! Kolki


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[Terrorism can never be fully addressed without eliminating brutal military terrorism! Kolki]


Do we need a UN Security Council and an International Court which cannot Punish War Criminals in Bush, Blair and Howard Administrations for illegally attacking and destroying sovereign peaceful Iraq, killing and displacing millions? Kolki     




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