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(Dedicated to egalitarian distribution of resources throughout the world Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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‘There is no free lunch’, it’s a modern saying –

Confirming to feudal beginning

When universal lands and resources became limited as private

Leading humans to slavery of conditional evangelism

Ending evolutionary wisdom of sharing and giving!


But lunch has been free in temples and gatherings

To celebrate life together with blessings!

Roadside water wells, shelters, and fruit trees

Once delighted travellers traversing ancient cities!


Free lunches are natural and universal!

As the sun’s rays illuminate all unconditional

Grasses grow for birds and animals

Rains quench thirst for all inlands!

Without the sound of cash registrars –

Earth provides food, shelter, and minerals

Knowing there is no return or remuneration!


Free lunch is joy of giving

Why roses bloom mainly for romanticism

Perennials come out to decorate gardens in spring

Banana grows though not required for own offspring

Seedless grapes flourish in the vineyards

Bees produce honey while pollinating buds

Cattle produce more milk than needed for the calves

Bacteria work silently to maintain food products

Berries surprise animals in bushes, forests, and parks

Fruits come to trees in season unnoticed to serve

Wild Grasses and Shrubs live for insects and birds!


Without thought of endless private gain

Giving is the best way to cure universal pains!


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[In a world full of grains, fruits, milk, and honey – one hungry stomach is too many! In a land filled with corporate space, estates, and money – one homeless without a place is too many! Kolki]  


[Most world problems are direct or indirect effects of colonialism beginning with Dorian Greek Alexander the conqueror inflicting divisions, fear of persecutions among peaceful nations, slavery, and triggering diasporic migrations of people to uninhabitable parts of Earth especially true in Africa! World as a whole is a complete resource base which need to be shared and distributed equally among world citizens to achieve true democracy, human rights, and everlasting peace! Kolki]


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[God (Universal Loving Expression) once blessed human giving them a brand new world, pristine environment, hospitable Native people, and sages with cosmic wisdom! Kolki]

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