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False Economy

(Dedicated to a naturally sustainable economy – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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It’s not long, before the arrival of modern feudal industry

People used to generate own sustainable economy

Working on their lands collectively

Producing the basics needed yearly

Selling extra to support day to day cottage industry…..

Maintained a sustainable economy despite natural calamities!


With the advent of applied science related economy

Industries formed exploiting people and countries

Converting medieval feudal economy to private monopoly

Bringing in pollution, filth on Earth once pristine

Using people’s resources often for free

Making government powerless, insolvent and ineffective!

Carefully converting community care to service industry

Arousing citizens greed and lust with lotto and pornography

Inventing education, media, sports, charity with profit motives 

Converting patriotic military to profitable mercenaries

Private industries growing embracing gun and prison industry

Targeting even most vulnerables for the medical industry    

Perpetuating the wheel of endless slavery!


Now many cities are flourishing for the oil industry

Sucking Earth’s blood underneath for profit

Drilling everywhere using tax money and private army

For liquid gold mines to support Car and Defense Industry

Which in turn marring the world ecology

Polluting Earth burning fossil fuel endangering survivability

Destroying Ozone layer and ionosphere for military activities!


Scholars in institutions running departments to support the industry

Writing books, articles, and journals praising exploiting technologies

Preaching to students how those are good for the economy

As the young minds dream to be billionaires instantly!


Life couldn’t be better because oil is selling rapidly

While the reserve near and afar drying up slowly

Without the knowledge of citizens busy dreaming

Gossiping, playing, singing, fighting, exploiting

And betting to become richer luckily!


Suddenly newly drilled holes explode causing disaster!

News of the drying of the reserve spread faster and faster!

Most don’t worry they bought insurance to cover for the future

Without knowing, along with oil, insurance companies will also disappear!


When world economy is in the hands of few private autonomy

Citizens mainly suffer from uncertainty of insecurity

As the war machines enrich the Defense and Oil industries -

In the name of security, rather global private monopoly!


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[An economy based on defense industries, oil, real estate, carbonated drinks, pornography, logging, and re-construction … only leads to more infighting and overall worldwide destruction! Kolki]

[Out of nothing money came to the world tying its value to mostly useless resources like gold and silver leading to kingships and wars for resources and slaves while perpetuating class system guaranteeing aristocrative dominance and endless slavery deifying  evangelical gospels of honour with fear! Kolki]

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