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(Dedicated to an egalitarian world Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Out of nothing money came to the world

Tying its value to mostly useless resources like gold and silver

Leading to Kingships, Nobles, and Lords

For resources and slaves dividing people inventing class

Guaranteeing Aristocratic dominance of the mass

Perpetuating endless slavery preaching gospels of honour

Respecting nobles and elites with built-in fear

Diminishing natural values communal cheers

Implanting profit as motives to be fittest as Royals

Replacing the joy of unconditional share and care

Encouraging separation coining religion of faith and scare!


Now everyone needs money in a race to survive

Lucky ones win to succeed as leaders

Few inherit or own them a lot as billionaires

Can control fate of the globe as they desire

Forming alliance of the willing for New World Order

Rip off Tax Payers from their dear Dollars

Fund expensive military ambition to destroy Earth faster

Covert Intelligences use black money under cover

Using Swiss Bank and Offshore Banks of the Monarchs

Making Money - the ultimate tool for bribery, slavery, killings, and torture

Creating poverty, conflicts, and wars - in an otherwise humane Earth!>


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