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Economy of Fear

(Dedicated to a society living in peace and harmony enjoying sustainable economy of sharing – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


[US-British Economy may walk again - Rejuvenated with Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan Blood and Food from Reconstruction! - Kolki] 

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Housing industry is worrying –

People are staying in their old home feeling homey!

Economic analysts are unhappy -

College students living with family hurting rental industry!

Private schools are preaching virtue of privacy –

Public education is getting better as cozy!

Medical industry loss is alarming -

Healthier life style urging people for less medicine!

Private Doctors earning is dwindling -

Patients recovering with naturopathy avoiding expensive surgery!

Logging industry is aggressive –

Green supporters threatening their fortune of easy money!

Oil industry lobby is fuming –

Electric cars are really feasible and competitive!

Mining industry is growling –

Environmental regulations and Native claims hurting monopoly!

Private Bank’s look appearing more cozy –

Citizens are looking for interest for hard earned money!

Credit industry is realigning –

Fortunate borrowers paying off loans too quickly!

Chemical industry is panicked –

Consumers forcing growers become organic!

Biotech farms are frowning -

Genetically modified foods on shelves stockpiling -

Sterilised seeds being blocked by UN-EURO authorities!

Meat industry Ads are getting nasty -

Vegetarianism momentum re-inventing food as good and tasty!

Insurance industry is panicking –

Policy holders defeating their marketing strategy!

Food industry is losing –

Bulked grocery aisle winning over canned and packaging!

Sex industry needs mainstream viewing –

Adults losing interests in prostitutes and pornography!

Gun industry is angry –

Countries implementing much needed gun control registry!

Media industry is looking for tips –

Viewer turning away from endless advertisements and gossips!

Funeral industry is plummeting -

Would be deceased preferring cremation to being buried! 

Prison industry is afraid of gun registry –

Diminishing crimes threatening guaranteed federal grants lucrative!

Dental industry busy for quick profit –

People finally learning to clean and protect own teeth!

Defence industry is reviving nationalists -

World is being united against war by peace activists!


Noble’s fear urging nations rebuild mercenaries

Create an atmosphere of fear by the shadow authorities

Enacting new Pearl Harbour with militaristic secrecy -

Justifying crusades against people in solidarity

Rising with economic and political democracy!


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[Out of nothing money came to the world tying its value to mostly useless resources like gold and silver leading to kingships and wars for resources and slaves while perpetuating class system guaranteeing aristocrative dominance and endless slavery deifying evangelical gospels of honour with fear! Kolki]