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(Dedicated to fair taxation reflecting physical labour distribution – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Aren’t promises of middle-class tax cuts before election bribing the middle-class to sustain the status-quo of feudal loyalty towards royalty and nobility undermining equal rights in a democratic society? Kolki]


It is hard to imagine once civilization evolved on Earth without Tax

When everyone worked as team together to serve and relax

Lived as community sharing the fruits of productive hearts

Enjoying festivities in freedom filled with creative arts!


Taxation started with the Warlords as they conquered

Asked people to work and pay for their adventures

Labourers paid for the Rulers without physical work

Initiating inflation, ensuring future work is less worth

Preparing the stage for politics of tax and ‘tax cuts’!


Warlords grew in number harnessing military power!

Became King, Lord, Duke, Duchess, Knight and Maharajas

Taxes and fees became part of the command structure

Still ruling working class with democratic posture

With never ending campaign of ‘tough on crime’ and ‘tax cuts’!


That’s why the political campaign of ‘tax cuts’ -

Usually help people earning too much without productive work!

Since we can’t even think of modern life abolishing tax

Let it be transparent value added tax –

On fair distribution of salary valuing real labour first -

 Relieving citizens from the politics of inflation and ‘tax cuts’!


[North American Citizens must wonder why they have National Debt at all, and debt to whom? They inherited from the aboriginals a pristine part of the world as 2nd and 3rd largest country with unexploited resources and possibilities. What is then hiding behind the wall of National Security and National Debt which is mainly emboldening NATO military forces implement similar structures around the world killing democracies for Oligarchy to enrich otherwise idle Monarchies and their loyal military! This must be the food for thought before every election so that loyal politicians cannot fool voters playing with buzzwords of tax and ‘tax cuts’! Kolki]


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[Out of nothing money came to the world tying its value to mostly useless resources like gold and silver leading to kingships and wars for resources and slaves while perpetuating class system guaranteeing aristocrative dominance and endless slavery preaching evangelical gospels of honour with fear! Kolki]


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