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In Vain

(Dedicated to a united world, co-existing peacefully in diversity – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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In vain -

A seed which couldn’t germinate

A bud that didn’t bloom into flower

A fish couldn’t swim freely into water

A bird in a cage at the mercy of the owner

An animal in the laboratory away from nature

An unfortunate prey waiting to be slaughtered

A pet lived alone among people neutered

A body deprived of romance leading to heir

A foetus aborted for convenience of irresponsible lovers!


In vain -

Eyes without vision to see everything everywhere

Ears which couldn’t listen to sounds traveling in the air

A tongue without luck to quench thirst and relieve hunger

Hands which couldn’t work and grow a plant with care

A mouth which couldn’t express joy of freedom in love

A mind that never wondered about grandeur of universe

A nose could never enchant brain with fragrance of flower!


In vain -

A heart which never fell in love with compassion

A soul untouched by others’ sufferings and celebrations

A leader who couldn’t speak truth under oath for illusion

A voice that never rose against war and oppression

A life eliminated by abusive violence of violation

A human which couldn’t realize universal notes of Salvation!


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