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Santa Claus


(Dedicated to all who make a difference in day to day life on EarthDeepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Bishop Nicholas, Knickerbocker Santa, and Santa Claus[Hollywood and Evangelists had a chance to tell children the true story of St. Nicholas1. But the movie ‘Polar Express’ and North American military arm NORAD2 preferred to keep the World in the Medieval Dark Ages deifying non-related fictitious St. Nick!  Kolki] 


The Transition of St. Nicholas to Santa Claus:


Fig. Bishop St. Nicholas (280 AD), early American St. Nick (1823), & American Santa (from Dutch legend Sinter Klaas), from Santa Claus Comes to America, by Caroline Singer & Cyrus Baldridge, Alfred Knopf, 1942


If I were Santa Claus -

I wouldn’t wait for the Christmas Eve

Hiding entire year in my North Pole factory

Watching children suffer, starve, and die everywhere

 From irresponsible distribution, inequity, and war!

I would be out each day riding waves of light

To save and serve mostly the ones left behind

Letting reindeer celebrate in the homey Arctic wild!


If I were Santa Claus -

I would be in the middle of every fight

Waving flag and shouting ‘HO HO HO’ peace is insight!

Would be standing in courtroom watching trials

Helping lawyers for silenced victims behind prison walls!


If I were Santa Claus -

I would have gone to every house with a smile

On chilled or warm Christmas night, dark or bright

Knocking on the door detouring fireplace flight

Asking children to thank their parent(s)

For year-round gift of love, guidance, and cares!


If I were Santa Claus –

I would teach children – truth is the real peace foundation

Halloween is ‘all hallows eve’ a holy occasion

Departed souls not ugly as the masks of commercialization!

Body deforms decays and disappear as natural action

But the soul wonders hallowed for eternal re-union!


If I were Santa Claus -

I would inspire people with goodness of Saint Nicholas!

Preaching loving Gospels of true Jesus

That Kingdom of God is inside heart not in Church

United Kingdom of Israel is not Vatican’s Promise Land’

Christmas is not a time just for toys and bonus

It’s the time to sing hymn in chorus -

Celebrating gift of life from Heavenly father and mother!


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[God (Universal Loving Expression) once blessed human giving them a brand new world, pristine environment, hospitable Native people and sages with cosmic wisdom! Kolki]


Reference: 1. History of Santa Claus; http://www.the-north-pole.com/history/

2. NORAD mum on how St. Nick’s flight path shows up on its computers (like Al-Qaeda?); http://beta.ca.news.yahoo.com/top-secret-santa-norad-mum-st-nicks-flight-20101224-055406-514.html


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