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Pine Tree

(Dedicated to a conscious pristine world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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 [An economy based on defense industries, oil, real estate, logging, only leads to more infighting and overall destruction. Kolki]


Oh mighty pine –

You were born to live long with pride!

Having grown from a small cone with head high

Surrounded by family or alone in countryside

Withstanding droughts and fires, storms and cold nights

Enjoying snow, rain, and sunshine

Sheltering birds, insects, moss, and vines

Watching sunset and sunrise

Staring at the stars in dark night sky

Wondering about phases of moonlit night

Bathing in dawn’s early light

Witnessing time passes by with season’s rhyme

Hearing cyclic stories of deciduous nearby!

But without knowing –

You would be terminated depriving long natural life

Along with all supported insects and vines

Leaving birds homeless without shelter so cozy and high -

As logger’s saw would cut through rings without a sigh

Selling body parts for lucrative civilized sites

Making mulch from your branches so full of life

Fowl smell would replace enchanting odour of pine!

Some will protest quietly, a few may cry

Consoling with hopes you left some cones in the wild!

I will protect siblings growing in yard with smile

As long as I can raise my head high!

Written: Feb 03, 2009

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[Knowledge and love start when a person plants a tree, sees it growing, and cares for it Kolki]

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