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(Dedicated to a pristine co-existing world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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{Ratifying KYOTO is not an option, rather a rare chance to be part of Global Solidarity of humankind! Kolki}


Humans end up polluting a part of the Earth

Whatever we do to make our life easier or better!

Even as we make fire we pollute the air -

But that is something natural world can bear!


We feel so good planting a tree but pollute with fertilizer!

We care for dear plants but spray insecticides or bug killers

That end up polluting soil, insects, bacteria and earthworms!

Logging to mining, speed boating to Space Shuttle mission -

It’s all about creating additional pollution!


Riding bicycle for short commute is a wonderful idea

While driving gasoline car releases carbon dioxide in atmosphere

Often adding carbon monoxide from vehicles without mufflers

Not to mention the sound pollution that comes as a bonus!

Buildings and shopping malls expose living things under

That equates to polluting when pesticides kill them over!


From fuelled bus to ship to train to airplanes to military jets -

We need energy constantly to run civilized brains!

Burning Coal, Gasoline, or Nuclear power

Forgetting resources are limited but enough to share!


Nothing pollutes jet streams like allied military sorties over

Or football field size battleships bullying around the world!

That’s why Kyoto is a threat to military power

Although good for everything else we care –

Including economy, good jobs and life on Earth!


[Peace and Good Environment are threats to Military Domination using Private Defense Industries and Mercenaries! That’s why ordinary citizen’s individual efforts for cleaner environment get hijacked by military activities worldwide making USA alone responsible for one quarter (25%) of total global pollution? KYOTO was an effort which would have reduced military hegemony indirectly while creating better environment, economy, and more friendly diplomacy! That was the reason why once Kyoto friendly nations including Canada, Australia, and Britain (UK) joined the Bush administration’s hostile stand against Kyoto for allied evangelic military supremacy– Kolki]


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