[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]



(Dedicated to meaningful ‘Easter & International Animal Week Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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We are rabbits!

Many adore us as Bunnies, Easter Bunnies!

We grow naturally -

As a sign of age old fertility!


Our needs are very simple -

Green grass, water, and air without pollution

Open space, open yard, not concrete jungle!

Your mowed lawn is only half good for our nutrition

Because we need the tip of the new grass for metabolism!


For many we are tasty delight

A pest for the urban developing sites!

Every time you build on earth we suffer

Acid rains and pesticides deform our heir -

Your wars become our holocausts!


So please help us from the bottom of your hearts

That you always find real rabbit eggs for Easter

Making generations to come happy together

Celebrating festivities being fruitful on Earth!


As the Earth stands tall on vernal equinox

Giving us equal day and night

Let it also inspire all to share the warmth of life

Among sentient being respecting mutual rights!


Animal feeding is a natural caring urge of heart to serve; any law or bi-law banning animal feeding is Eugenic way to desensitise love for the acceptance of violence and dominating wars! Kolki 


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Yahshua of Nazareth’ never claimed him as the only “Son of God” as obvious from:

[Jesus - “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”  (John 20:17 RSV 1952)


Imagine if God as in Bible had only one son and human killed him for blood covenant being free to do anything without guilt including crusades against own kind. Kolki 


[As the world celebrates Easter feeling Jesus’s pain on the Cross, hope it helps to feel the pain of all the victims of evangelic military War on Terror including 1 million dead Iraqis & Afghanis, 5 million refugees, and unknown detainees without justice behind abusive hell! Kolki]


Why Countries With Majority Jesus Loving Democratic People Need Guns Without Control?


Isn’t Allowing Felons on the Witness Stand (rather bribing for cooperation) Un-Christian-like?



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But, Son of Zeus (Alexander) certainly sitting in his Right Hand [Fig.] who Himself claimed him as “The Son of Man” rather “Son of God”: this may be the reason why second coming of violent Christ in Bible  is un-like loving Jesus rather resembles Alexander, Caesar, Crusading Pope, Hitler, and contemporary Bush-Blair-Howard!


What Is So Great About Alexander? Would Have Been A Worst War Criminal, Rapist, Betrayer, Enslaver, Persecutor, and Mass Annihilator by the Present Standard - Causing Endless Diaspora in The Peaceful Ancient World!


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END NOTE: People around the world assume Yahshua loving Christian Countries would be loving to Rabbits, Deer, Birds and other animals! Most are, but ironically culling of animals including Rabbits, Deer, Seagulls, Crows, Baby Seals and Canadian Geese by Law are prevalent all over North America including Saanich, Oak Bay and Victoria! – University of Victoria has zero tolerance for Rabbits which used to decorate the campus ground beautifully relieving stress from Industrial living responsibilities and related endless chores to sustain profitability! Kolki

God (Universal Loving Expression) bless our world towards co-existence respecting all sentient beingJ