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[Imagine a vegetarian egalitarian world creating heaven on earth! Kolki]


When my bi-weekly garbage became two small plastic bags

The pick up persons were worrying about their jobs!

But when I gave them just one small grocery bag

They were speechless, ‘How could you do that’?


I asked myself the same question and found the answer!

It was the result of my year long minimization effort -

Which helped me realize how we buy unnecessary stuffs

Only to create more garbage while hurting inside and outside!


I started with avoiding all canned and bottled products

Graduating to exclude processed food all-together

As I gained confidence mastering cooking healthy elite

Garnishing them with boiled and raw vegetables delights!


Of course it was easier being a vegetarian

Composting all inedible vegetables, fruits, and leftovers

Recycling milk containers, papers, and plastic bags

All I had as garbage were used napkins and tissue papers

Along with packets and labels of modern grocery as bonus

In spite of living with sixty plus free lovebirds!


I wish I could do the same with garbages beyond my control!

Like enormously fat newspapers with ads and coupons

Television ads that marring news and programs blurring vision

Political campaigns that embrace gossips wasting billions

Prison industries that profit from influx of felons

Yellow journalism which is polluting nations and notions

Amendments to bi-laws that encourage logging and discriminations

Covert intelligences that disabling overt democratic institutions 

Military spending that leading us to self destruction

Scriptures that spreading lies for hegemony and dominations!


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