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We can keep our world clean very easily

Following honest simple methodology!

Identifying the source of garbage - organic or technology

And sharing responsibility accordingly

Ensuring strict and fair accountability

Advised by national recycling board of conscious recycling

Members elected from farmers, labourers, professionals, and academics!


Organic garbage can go back to Earth without complexity!

Technical garbage must be controlled effectively -

Irrespective of private or government polluting entity!

Every home with a yard must make composting year round activity -

Apartments/Townhomes/Condomoniums make compost as community!


Water in and out of industry must be same quality

Recycling trees be the joint effort of paper, pulp and logging industry

Chemical industry dissolves all pollutants from industrial chimney

Oil industry takes responsibility for related products and spills!

Nuclear pollution must never come out of a nuclear facility

Sewerage must be treated repeatedly ensuring safe releasability

Airlines being the principal source of Global Warming -

Must ensure clean exhaust in high altitude global jet streams

Military must own pollution and debris from all military activities!


The last but not least

Recycling politicians who are for status quo mentality

Analysts who feed on fear of negative economic activities

Media that thrives on controversies

Scientists who act as paid lobbyist of supremacist!


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