How Obama Administration Betrayed American and World Citizens Without A Public Investigation of the 9/11 Military Coup by the Enemy Within?


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"By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do WarIsraeli1 Intelligence network Mossad’s Motto.

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Guantanamo Bay

(Dedicated to all victims who have been silenced depriving them from Rule of Law and Proof of ConvictionDeepak Sarkar,

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Ever wonder why US Congress and Senate won’t let Obama Administration close Guantanamo Bay and bring the alleged convicts to justice? Then please read the poem …

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Welcome to Guantanamo Bay Cuba -

We specialize in converting innocent people to Al-Qaeda

Headquartered in the Indian Ocean, Island of Diego Garcia

The management brain is in Washington DC/Northern Virginia!

Our main North American branch is in Indiana,

Branch offices recruiting all over including Britain and Australia

Middle Eastern branches are in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

East European Branches are in Poland, Romania** and Lithuania   

The newest branch is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

We operate overtly in Kabul Afghanistan and Morocco Africa!


If you cooperate we will make an offer you can’t refuse

If you don’t, you are in for endless torture and abuse!

We make sure no one can hear you but everyone only hears us

So whatever we tell media is the final words!


We trained for years detained Palestinians as suicide bombers!

Methodology starts by putting you in solitary cell lighted 24 hours

Ensuring sleep deprivation waking you up every half an hour

Interrogations and tortures follow until you surrender –

And prepared to say what we want you to say and follow orders!


You will be chained in hands and legs, looking at the floor all day

Yet have to finish your meal within five minutes permitted!

Natures call will be rationed prohibited if you ever protest -

You won’t be allowed to talk to anyone not even yourself!

No religious practice or bowing to anybody except ourselves

Until you are baptized as Al-Qaeda wholly committed!  


We will train you in all sophisticated bombs and weapons!

You will learn to behead forgetting all superstition -

How to bring a tower down by creative demolition!

When you pass flight termination, we will send you for mission -

Using private charter flights flying towards worldwide destinations

Based on demands from allies or to silence countries in oppositions!

Occasionally you will be part of a unique secret mission -

As programmable deep water divers inside ocean faults

Stimulating Earthquakes and Tsunami detonating Neutron Bombs!


People think we only transfer prisoners for outsourcing torture!

Our intelligent media keep the gossip alive with Islamic Posture!

You will be part of our valued team of 900,000 plus soldiers -

Running worldwide shadow Governments without UN backlash!

Our political wing keeps politics groovy with ‘tough on crime’ and ‘tax cuts’

Our voting machines are paperless sensitive to remote touch

World Health Organization resonates with our pandemic cause

Our NGOs are busy converting UN to private charter!

But all these goodnesses come with only one minor catch -

We will use your video in media for Al-Qaeda broadcast!


  1. The modern Israel is a Non-Semite Swiss-British brain child to colonize Holy land and Arab lands has nothing to do with ancient Semite Hebrews of Canaan – modern Palestine.


{Isn’t Extraordinary Rendition modern day Inquisition by the Covert Crusaders in front of High-Tech Media and Rights oriented World Bodies like UN, World Court, Red Cross and Amnesty International? Kolki}


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[Ever wondered why Al-Qaeda suspects aren’t allowed to speak for themselves before States build their cases? Why covert CIA destroyed 100s of interrogation tapes as obstructions to justice? Because Guantanamo Bay is a camp to baptize innocent/kidnapped world citizens as Al-Qaeda with harsh treatments and false promises to use them as cover for Aristocrative Evangelical military success around the world! Every Al-Qaeda suspect from Guantanamo Bay who has been released to unknown destination popped up virtually as new Al-Qaeda leader of previously unknown group especially in Africa – the land British wants to colonize entirely!  Let’s not forget the first question in Democracy – ‘What if they are not militant’? We must not live under criminal military and intelligence hiding under National Security and secrecy! Kolki]


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 New Pearl Harbaour (9/11 False Flag Operation Motives and Means)


How Criminal Were FBI’s Radical Fundamentalists Unit and CIA for the success of the uninterrupted Military Coup by the Loyalists?


Imagine why CIA wants to send British Ale-Qaeda suspect only to Saudi Arabia which supplied 15 of the 19 9/11 alleged terrorists as the richest partner of The United British Monarchy? (Because in Saudi Arabia he will be treated with respect, comfort and honour as part of baptism before his name appears somewhere as Al-Qaeda leader of previously unknown group in part of Asia and Africa for claiming responsibility of terrorist acts which mainly facilitate modern hostile colonization by the United Monarchy)!


Why there is a virtual enemy Al-Qaeda? [Related poem: 9/11 Hijacking]

It’s a Trojan used historically since the time of Alexander the Conqueror for ‘New World Order’ for occupying more native lands and resources blaming his father’s death by a friend during his daughter’s marriage in front of the guests as a conspiracy from ancient Persia before attacking! In 1998, Pentagon started a project called Able-Danger to hire, train and set up worldwide patsies to cover up for the real crimes of a handful high-level terrorists, sitting at the top of money, power and fame, in order to colonize world resources while abusing, killing and enslaving natives … including own citizens! 


++ Historically CIA is a covert extension of UK’s MI6 after WWII to re-annex USA and so is Pakistan’s ISI to work outside British accountability for the United Monarchical colonial advantage against democratic free world!

Poem: Intelligence

"If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA. The agency represents a tremendous power$ and total unaccountability to anyone." --JFK (John F. Kennedy, 35th Prresident of USA, assassinated on Nov 23, 1963)

$- CIA’s black budget is almost equal to UK’s Defense Budget?


Article: <Cecil Rhodes Methodology of Colonizing the World Re-Annexing America>



“A sophisticated false-flag operation like 9-11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels:  architectural, operational, and working.  Atta and the 19 Arabs blamed as the hijackers of 9-11 were part of the working level, and were simply part of the deception.  That is, after all, how false-flag terror works.” - Andreas von Buelow, the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies.


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Article: How Active and Vigilant were US Military Before & On 9/11 for the Success of the Coup Hijacking Boeing Jets Remotely to hit (D)GPS Controlled Targets Precisely using FAA implemented WAAS/LAAS Technology?


[Pre-9/11 US-Canada Joint False Flag Operation to frame Muslims using them as CIA-FBI-CSIS-RCMP Moles: Imagine why CSIS, RCMP, FBI, CIA would jointly allow a car full of explosives to board Canadian & American Ferries under their careful eyes ignoring possibilities of Canadian and American casualties and cost of rescue, lawsuits as well as related investigations – only to frame the drivers as 2000 New Years Eve Bombers!] Read More …..


[CIA interrogators threatened to kill the children of one detainee at the height of the Bush administration's war on terror and implied that another's mother would be sexually assaulted, newly declassified documents revealed Monday, August 24, 2009 as the government launched a criminal investigation into the spy agency's "unauthorized, improvised, inhumane" practices.

suspect Abd al-Nashiri, the alleged mastermind of the 2000 USS Cole bombing, was hooded, handcuffed and threatened with an unloaded gun and a power drill. The unidentified interrogator also threatened Nashiri's mother and family, implying that they would be sexually abused in front of him, … other interrogators told Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that "if anything else happens in the United States, 'We're going to kill your children,'" … Death threats violate anti-torture laws… in another instance, an interrogator pinched the carotid artery of a detainee until he started to pass out, then shook him awake. He did this three times. The interrogator said he had never been taught how to conduct detainee questioning….By STEVEN R. HURST and DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writers, August 24, 2009.]


** AP Exclusive: Inside Romania's secret CIA prison



The basement consisted of six prefabricated cells, each with a clock and arrow pointing to Mecca, the officials said. The cells were on springs, keeping them slightly off balance and causing disorientation among some detainees. …


During the first month of their detention, the detainees endured sleep deprivation and were doused with water, slapped or forced to stand in painful positions, several former officials said. …


After the initial interrogations, the detainees (the converted ones?) were treated with care, the officials said. The prisoners received regular dental and medical check-ups. The CIA shipped in Halal food to the site from Frankfurt, Germany, the agency's European center for operations. Halal meat is prepared under religious rules similar to kosher food.


How and why 9/11 type well planned precisely implemented military coup (false flag operation) was possible inside USA in broad day light hijacking Boeing Jets remotely (NASA Tested drones flying) using FAA implemented WAAS and LAAS technology to hit (D)GPS programmed sovereign targets ?


NOTE: The question is why they do this and how they can get away with such crimes in presence of their own Elected Governments, United Nations and The International Court of Justice which are so vocal against Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya and other African Nations? It may not be too wild presumption to accuse UN Security Council and International Court of Justice as mere convenient instruments of the United Monarchial Colonization Agenda.


Did you know, US Forces 'black' budget = 2nd biggest military on Earth (UK), Secret space programme bigger than NASA


Cold blooded murderers?

(The US taxpayer’s groomed domestic treasonous Neoconian ideology wanted maximum casualty from the well planned spectacular New Pearl Harbour)


The 9/11 Commission concluded that in spite of an unprecedented attack threat in the months before 9/11, US “domestic agencies never mobilized in response to the threat. They did not have direction, and did not have a plan to institute. The borders were not hardened. Transportation systems were not fortified. Electronic surveillance was not targeted against a domestic threat. State and local law enforcement were not marshalled to augment the FBI’s efforts. The public was not warned.” [9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 265]


World Trade Center (WTC) Demolition Plan


Do we need to send our kids for History Lessons anymore if we let 9/11 military Coup go down in History as the work of Himalayan cave dweller diabetic patient Osama Bin Laden? Food for thought from Kolki!


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[Too much power & money in few like minded group of private hands led to 9/11, related chaos and injustice, insecurity everywhere, failure of the banking & justice systems, almost no accountability, and biased polling by their media to support all that making citizens fight and gossip against each other worldwide. It is time to take back governments from private agencies and outsourcing to live freely as we the people, by the people and for the people – enjoying true bliss of Participatory Democracy. Kolki]


Easy Methodology To End Constitutional Monarchies Peacefully in the West To Save And Maintain Democracies Around The World!